Book Review - Afternoon Tea at the Sunflower Cafe by Milly Johnson

Monday, March 21, 2016

Last year I read about 30 books, it might have been a couple more. For 2016 I set the aim of reading 52 books. 1 book a week or 4.3 a month. That shouldn't be too difficult or so I thought. 

Here we are on 19th March and I have finished book number .... wait for it.... going off one a week it should be about number 11. 

Drumroll please as I have just finished reading book number....


Err yeah, so I don't know what has happened but I just haven't been enjoying reading. I have started three different books and I'm not getting very far. One of the books I've been reading since the middle of last year and while it should have been a fairly quick chick lit book, I'm sure I could have read War & Peace quicker! 

Book 2 took me about 3 days to read, which is about average for my reading speed and you know what I really enjoyed it. 

I knew I would as it's by one of my favourite authors, Milly Johnson. There is only one of her books that I couldn't get into and I'm not sure why. I will be looking out for it and giving it another try. 

I'm not going to do this review in my normal style as I need to just type and let my thoughts flow out. 

The book in question is Afternoon Tea at the Sunflower Cafe by Milly Johnson

I will start with what I normally leave the the end and that is the score I give the book on my Goodreads account. 5 stars, I wish I could give more. 

One if the things I love about all of Milly Johnson's books is the continuity of characters and places. All of the books of her's that I've read are set in Barnsley or on a cruise ship but the people are from Barnsley and there are some cross overs of people, however you don't need to read the books in order as they are all standalone stories (some are sequels or best read before / after but I didn't do this and now I've read them some things have click into place and I almost feel like I've been let into a private joke.)

This book is centred around a cleaning firm in Barnsley, when the owners wife finds out he's planning to leave her for the 19 year old office assistant she put's plans into place to get the upper hand. 

The story follow's Connie the wife, her partner in crime Della and a host of cleaners who each have their own stories to tell. It's filled with funny well timed expletives. The strange and odd things cleaners have to see. A spattering of the rough side of town and the bad guys getting their comeuppance. 

I laughed, I had a little cry and I've told at least 4 people they need to read this book and to you reading this YOU NEED TO READ THIS BOOK! 

When I was trying to explain this book to a colleague he looked at me strange when I said it was about cleaners and I think he thought it was a Marie Kondo type book but it really is a laugh out loud funny book and I have to give it credit for getting me back in to reading. 

While I know I'm not going to meet my aim of reading 52 books in 2016. I'm ok with that. If I only read 3 more books this year I'll be happy and now I've finished this I've also almost finished the books I've been reading for almost 6 months.

Thank you Milly Johnson for getting me back to enjoying reading and when is your next book due out? 

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