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Saturday, March 19, 2016

Last week I was invited to a blogger event hosted at the Style Station in the Arndale Centre Manchester. The style station is from the love people at Red Angel Hair has 4 stations where they can create quick and easy hair styles. 

They have a menu of styles to choose from with prices starting from £5 for a fishtail braid and I think the most expensive price was £18 (don't quote me on that). I think the prices are really good value and the majority of the styles were around £9.

We all know I own far too many bobbles and hair ties but if you are in need of more they have a range of bobbles including the ones that are no mark ones and other hair accessories.

It was a great evening, it was good to catch up with other local bloggers that I haven't seen for a while and the wine and canapés  by Rosso and Artisan where a lovely touch. 

I was very impressed with all the styles I saw created and how quick they worked. I'm almost regretting having my hair cut now as I've always wanted a fishtail braid and have never successfully managed one in my own hair. I'd happily pay £5 for someone to put one in my hair.

I was expecting it to be in a shop unit and not in the middle of the shopping centre itself and initially it felt a bit odd to be stood in the middle of the Arndale watching people have their hair done but once I was sat in the chair it felt quite private and I really enjoyed the experience. I wasn't sure what to go for as my hair isn't all that co-operative. I'd love to have hair that I could make wavy and curly but I just can't do it. Chloe suggested we went for the wavy style and I did warn her my hair wouldn't co-operate but she said it would but it would be more set and would soften over time to be more wavy. 

When I've tried to curl my hair in the past the first piece is usually straight before I've curled all my hair but my hair was still curly by the time I go home and it was still wavy the next day. 

For someone with very uncooperative hair I'm really happy with how long my style lasted and I will be back for another visit before I go on a night out.

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