Sunday Lunch at The Hartshead

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Sometimes you just need some quality time with friends. As much as I love my nights out with friends. There is often nothing better than than sitting in a pub beer garden, the sun shining and enjoying some good food. 

Last Sunday the sun was shining and 4 of us headed to a pub for Sunday lunch and the weather was nice enough to sit outside. 

 I decided to go for the beef burger over a Sunday roast as I really wanted chips. The burger came with a slice of bacon which was more like a bacon chop than a slice of bacon! It was really tasty and the double cooked chips were delicious.

 This might be a little bit random but I love the window in the ladies loo's and snapped a picture of it. I thought I may as well include it.

After we'd had the main the the sun had started to go down so we asked if we could move inside despite there being a lot of tables free in the restaurant and not many people in the bar area we got told we could but it would have to be the unset table next to the back door and she'd send someone over with menu's. It was colder next to the door than it was outside and we waited about 10 mins for them to come over with menu's then after another 20 mins we got told the table officially counted as outside and we need to order at the bar. That was fine but it would have been nice to have been told that when we asked about the table. Once we'd finished we walked back through the pub and most of the same tables were still free. The most annoying thing was we were sat under a sign saying rate us on trip advisor. 

I decided to have the cookies and icecream which was really good. I don't usually like chocolate icecream but it was delicious. What I didn't realise was the toffee coloured ice cream, wasn't toffee but was irish cream and was awful. If I'd spotted it on the menu I'd have asked not to have that as it really ruined the flavour of the cookies. 

The cookie itself was warm and gooey and I would have it again but I'd probably just ask for vanilla ice cream.

I had a lovely afternoon with friends. We chatted and caught up as we really don't get to spend as much time with each other as we'd like. 

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