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Sunday, March 20, 2016

I've been out of sorts with the blog of late and needed a bit of inspiration to come back to the keyboard. When I spotted an invite to The Body Shop store in Manchester to see their new British Roses collection I contacted them to see if there were any spaces left.

As always I was early (I don't know how I do it!) I got a chance to look round the store and I'm amazed at how many great products there are.

The range I think I'm impressed with is the fragrance ranges, in particular the English Dawn Gardenia. The scent of this reminds me of something and as soon as I sprayed it I was transported back somewhere. I'm not sure where. It almost shock me for a second and I'm glad I was stood on my own as I felt a little odd if truth be told. However saying that it was a good feeling when I came back I'm thinking on payday I'm going to go  and buy it. I did spot this range last year but I couldn't decide which scent I liked best. (I think I'd decided on the Italian Fig)

I really enjoyed my browsing time as it made me realise just how many products and ranges are available. I do use a few of the Body Shops products but when I pop into a store I always head towards those products and never really spend much time looking at everything else.

I didn't take up the chance to have a skin consultation as I had a mini make over as my first treatment but there is a great range of products and I have to say everything was so beautifully displayed.

The team in the Manchester Royal Exchange store were all really lovely and knew there stuff. There was a choice of three mini pamper sessions. A mini make over, skin care assessment in their new assessment area and a hand and arm massage using the British Roses products.

I was lucky enough to have a make over and I really liked how my makeup turned out, I struggle with a foundation match and she got it straight away. Sahara Light if you're interested! I've got a couple of foundations to work on but I think this might be my next foundation, she also used the Blurr primer on me which is one I've been looking at. To test how it works she put some the first joint (bit above the knuckle) on my first finger and then compared it against the other hand and the difference was amazing. I wish I'd taken a picture.

As well as the traditional beauty products the Body Shop has also introduced some Makeup items into this collection. There is a makeup pallet which has a mixture of eye and face powders. There are also lip and cheek stains. These are something I've always been a bit wary of as when I've used similar in the past I've ended up looking like Aunt Sally! We were given a tip to apply them to the cheeks after applying primer but before foundation. Which sounds so simple but I'd never thought of it before. 

I've never been a huge fan of Rose scents until recently when I've been using a balm cleaners which contains Rosehip, this is a totally different type of smell to roses but since i've been using that I'm finding myself liking the smell of rose scented products. I guess you're nose for things change just as much as tastebud can.

The British Rose products have a very light scent and it isn't over powering or a sickly sweet smell. I had a hand and arm massage using the exfoliator, shower gel, body lotion (much lighter than body butter) and a spritz of EDT. The scent lasted till the next morning but was light and very wearable.

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