Monday, June 20, 2016

This post is well over due as Blog On MSI was on 1st May and it's now 20th June. There is also another Blog on MSI event in September and I have purchased a ticket and booked a hotel. I think there are only around 60 tickets left for the September event and that's what prompted me to finish this post. 

Blog on is such a great conference the set up is designed so you learn new things, get advice, socialise with other bloggers and brands. 

This was the 3rd Blog On conference I've been to the set up this year was a little different to the previous years with more brands, a craft den and a choice of sessions. 

In previous years all the sessions have been run 3 times and everyone split into groups and visit each session. This year you had a choice of which session to go into. 

In theory this choice of sessions was good and more flexiable but most of the sessions I wanted to go to were on at the same time and I do feel I made the wrong choice, especially with one of the sessions and I ended up walking out when I realised it wasn't for me. 

I fully hold my hands up it was my decision that was wrong and it must be hard to co-ordinate the sessions. Before the next event I am going to check the schedule and trust my instincts more. 

This year there were more toy brands which would have been awesome for the parent bloggers and I'll admit I was particularly taken by Betty Spagetti even if I did have a tanturm and throw her on the table when I couldn't find two legs the same length. (it was late in the day and I was shattered) I also loved the PomPom Wow. I decorated my badge with them and would be quite happy with a box of them of my very own.

As in  previous years the lovely swizzels people were there and they supplied us with lots of sweets and brought their ball pool which I now regret not going in. Some of the picture I've seen of people in the pool turned out brilliant.

I tried my hand at crochet but while I get the theory, in practice I'm terrible at it! I need lots of practice but I feel like it's a skill I'd like to learn as I've seen a few people make mood and sky blankets and I love the idea of them and think I'd like to make one. Maybe one day.

One of the brands had brought along a game called TimeLine and i'll admit at first I thought it would be a very geeky and not fun but it really was. I took away a sample pack and we've been playing it at work as part of our team engagement activity and I'm toying with the idea of buying the full version.

Another firm favourite were the Jammy Dodger marshmellows, which I bought a bag of and wish I'd bought more. I need to order some of them. I can't remember the name of who brought them so If you know can you leave me a comment so I can place an order.

A big thank you to Laura for organising the event, a lot of hard work has to go in to the planning and coordination of everything

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