Gate Crashing a Christening and drinking Cocktails!

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Did I tell you about the time I gate crashed a Christening? Well technically I had been to a christening and we moved on to a local pub which we believed was open to the general public after 3pm. But it looks like it was all another Christening. We blended in, we drank lots of cocktails and while we were feel pretty confident we'd succeded in not getting caught. We had been spotted and been the talk of the whole event! Ah well, next time you hire a place out put a sign on the front door!! 

The pub we went to used to be our old haunt, but as we don't go out very often and tend to go to Manchester for cocktails, when the posted on Facebook about a new Cocktail menu we thought why not. 

They are even jazzing up the fruit ciders they serve, by adding fresh fruit and they are in the process of ordering appropriate glasses. 

We started our cocktail experience with a classic Pornstar Martini. We're never sure what to do with the Prosecco shot, do you down it, or do you add it in? We've never really got a definitive answer from a bar tender.  

Next we went for an Apresol Spritz, this was a little disappointing. It needed to be in a bigger glass with ice and more fruit. Don't get me wrong, it tasted good but I know I've had better but I would order it again. 

The girl who was serving us freely admitted she'd never made some of the cocktails before and was a little nervous and some of them felt a little bit off the mark. Not far off but i'm hoping next time we go in they will be on the money. 

We tried a Belini which had too much peach and a lemoncello spritz which sadly wasn't for me, it tasted like tictacs! I don't think I'd order either of these again but with practice they could be delicious. 

By far my favourite drink of the day was the Amaretto Sour, this has to be one of my favourite drinks and I'm so glad they got it right!

Our last drink of the night came in a very hipster mug and was missing a little something which we put right by adding prosessco! Doesn't Prosecco fix most things!

We had such a good afternoon weatherwise, gatecrash wise, fun times wise and we might be going back in a couple of weeks. I'm wondering if we should call ahead and check they are open or just chance our arm are try and blend into whatever function they have on!

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