Housing Units - Blogger Event Summer 2016

Monday, June 13, 2016

Last week I was invited to Housing Units in Hollinwood for their second Blogger Event. I was lucky enough to go to the First Event, last Christmas and it was Magical and festive. You can read all about that event here. 

This event was a little different as this time the Store was closed and we got to look round without the public being there and it made for a much more personal experience. 
 We were given a tour of the store by one of the manager and he pointed out some of the different products and how the stores are laid out.

There are a number of buildings and we looked around two of the main buildings. The fire place and emporium and the home furniture store.

I'm a little bit in love with the fire below, it's an electric fire and the effect is via a TV screen inside. I could have pulled up a chair and stayed there all evening.

I was also very taken with the leather couch and side tables, the patch work chairs really reminded me of something, that I can't quite put my finger on. Can anyone help me?

The rugs below are also some of the best sellers, they are really soft and my camera really doesn't do them any justice.

 From August bank holiday they remove everything in section of the emporium and turn it into a winter wonderland and Christmas shop which opens in September. I don't think I've ever been to Housing Units when it's not been Christmas season (I hate that I just types that, but seriously go to HU after September and even the Grinch couldn't help to feel festive)

Some of my personal highlights from the garden sections are below, oh to have a garden big enough to take some of these products.

While a lot of these products are out of reach for me, the sets are dressed in a way to show off other products and there are things I can take from them and bring to my own home.

I think having a garden clock is such a good idea, we're always asking each other the time whilst we sit out in summer and think it might be a present for my dad for Christmas. If I'd thought about it sooner I'd have bought him one for Fathers Day.

I also really like the low candle holder, which I think will work really well with some citronella candles to ward of those summer bugs.
 Thinking about personal highlights, when I visit Housing Units and it always comes back to lighting. They have so many options, they can meet every budget from a chandelier that wouldn't be out of place in on a film set to a basic desk lamp.

As well as practical lighting solutions, there are a lot of quirky and cool options. I adore the dog wearing a cone light. While I don't think this would work in my house the light about the dining table and the blue desk lamp would fit in well. I've had a look and I think next pay day the desk lamp will be mine.
 While we looked round we were given a budget of £30 to select something from the store and they filmed us taking about it and saying why we'd picked what we picked.

I have to say there were some really good choices picked by the other bloggers and I'll share the video when it's available.

Some of the items I considered are below. A couple were out of budget but I loved so much I wanted to share.

How cool are these retro phones, the smaller ones (Blue / Orange) were £29.99 and are very similar to a phone my gran still has and uses. Her's is red and has the push button dial.

The bright coloured cushions were over budget at £45 before the discount, these may be the softest cushion I have ever felt, I think every school sensory room needs a couple of these. They also had them in more neutral colours for those of us who are not so adventurous.

Another great thing about Housing units is, they stock Bomb Cosmetics bath bombs. Bomb are one of my favourites and it's great to have a local stockist rather than ordering without knowing what they smell like online.

The last item was also over budget, but not by much and that surprised me. I expected the bag to be around £45 but it was £35.99 (I think - don't quote me)
 Our last stop before we had to film our piece to camera was back to the Wiken Tree where they served us a selection of food from the menu. This was a lovely and well needed treat after a long day at work.

The mini fish and chips and burger were a hit with me. I've had afternoon tea at Housing Units before and the quality of the food is always top notch. I really did feel spoilt by them and this has been the case when I've been a regular customer and at both the events.

Its good to see a local company who is passionate about what they do and have great people working for them and who made us all feel so welcome. The products we picked out for the video also came home with us as a thank you and I will do a separate post on these as I need to take some picture of them. I picked out a set of wine glasses that I'd spotted in the sale booklet that had been posted out to me and a bath bomb set. (I want to do an unboxing video on this on my YouTube Channel) I was invited as a Guest, but as always all opinions and thoughts are my own. 

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