Month in a Minute - May 2016

Sunday, June 12, 2016

This is my 3rd month of doing month in a Minute but I've never done an accompanying blog post.

My has flown by and has been a busy month.

It's started with Blog On, blogging conference. Swiftly followed by my Birthday a dentist appointment.

A Christening and then gatecrashing another Christening! Don't ask or do ask!!

It's also the month or the animal as when you'll watch there is an over arching theme of wild and not so wildlife, including a very smug looking chihuahua on a tram and a great Dane looking very uncomfortable on a bus.

Over all May has been great, it's had it's down side which was 4 hours in A&E when my mum got attacked by a neighbours cat. It's sounds so far fetched but it's made such a mess of her hand.

What else has happened this month? It was Saddleworth band contest but the weather was so bad we sheltered in the pub!


Let's see what June brings!!

Month in a Minute

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