Potential Book Tube Plans

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Have you heard of BookTube? No me either until a couple of weeks ago. I'd made the decision to start making book videos as a couple of people I follow make videos about the books they read each month and I really enjoy watching them. 

I then discovered there is a whole community of BookTubers out there. I'm not really all that surprised. I'm not about to make a new Youtube channel or stop posting the odd book review on here but I just wanted you to know there is a book tube and I'm getting involved. 

My plans are to make monthly wrap up videos about the books I've been reading each month, hauls and may be the odd review. 

I've talked about this before but from the middle of last year I just stopped reading. I think I read 2 books from July to December and my reading hasn't really picked up that much. 

I've read about 12 books so far this year which isn't bad and to say I read 5 books January to April my pace has picked up a lot. 

I've also bought a kindle paperwhite as my old kindle or should I say my mums original kindle has just about given up the ghost. 

So far I'm enjoying using it, I've only read one and a bit books on it so far. Oddly enough since I bought it I've read about 3 paper books, bought 4 from a charity shop and ordered 8 online! 

No matter if I fall in love with the Kindle will I relinquish my love of paper books. Also you don;t have to worry about the screen cracking when you drop them! 

I have a huge to be read pile before we even think about the new books I've bought. I'm planning to try and read 2 paper books for each kindle book to try and get the pile down. 

I don't keep books I've read unless I love them, they get passed to a neighbour or taken to charity shops so I don't feel too bad for having so many. But they really need to be read.

I'm lucky to have a big community of readers and writers around me and my friend have been recommending free / cheap kindle books so I am accumulating plenty more digital books. 

I'd love to know your favourite book and what books you really didn't like. Would you watch book videos? Finally what would you like to see from my book tube videos? 

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