30 days of blogging September 2016

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Blogging everyday isn’t a new or revolutionary concept and it is something I’ve tried and failed at before but as I’ve been out of love with blogging for a while now I thought I’d give it ago.

I’ve raided pinterest for some ideas and I’m hoping to come up with my own. The plan is also to pre write my content from mid august onward so I can have get posts scheduled for every day in September. This might be cheating but who doesn’t prewrite content?

I’m hoping this approach will also fire me up to get writing content for October (ekkk October!)
The prompts:

Edit: I'm typing in advance - I've crossed out the one's i've done so far to try and keep track - sorry if it's annoying

Edit: I've removed the posts I haven't written, to get rid of the strike through. 
  1. Self portrait and 5 random facts
  2. A movie you never get tired of watching
  3. The last book you read
  4. 10 things that make you awesome
  5. Next holiday
  6. A day in the life
  7. What’s in your makeup bag
  8. My Starbucks Order
  9. Guilty pleasures
  12. Stationery or stationary
  14. Most used Apps
  15. Tips for events
  16. Hair products
  17. Can you remember your fist ever blog post
  18. Childhood toy – do you still own it?
  19. Planner Pen Haul
  21. Most worn shoes
  25. Skin care routine

  26. Favourite quote

 02/09/16 EDIT: I've have another swap round and moved things round. I have a paper list of ideas but I've taken off the days they will be written as some are about things happening in September and haven't yet happened. I've moved some things I'd planned for later in the month up as they were easier / I had photo's / I'd bought new things etc.

The first 9 days are all covered and  I want to try and make sure I get things in for all the days, so this weekend I need to concentrate on writing 3 posts to cover 10th, 11th & 13th. Then I'm covered until 19th and gives me plenty of time to get pictures, write posts and not worry or stress.

Apart from day 1 & 30 have I got any duplication's? Is there anything else you’d rather I write about?
Let me know as I’m going to start drafting some of these this week

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