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Sunday, August 07, 2016

Well hello there,

Long time no blog, the reason? No real reason. I haven't really got much to say at the moment.

I have no inspiration to blog, I'm not sure I fit as a blogger any more. This isn't a woe is me blog for once but I just want to say I'm still about.

I've been a bit stressed with real life stuff, nothing too dramatic or life altering, just the little things.

I'm still about on social media albeit not as much and I haven't been interacting as much.

I've been playing pokémon go. Gotta catch em all. I'm loving it even if i'm getting the geek sideeye from a few people but meh! I like it and It's not screwed my data allowance. Thank you Metrolink for free Wifi on the trams. I even took a gym (Let me revel in my success for now)

I was also making quite a few YouTube videos. I got my self well in advance then it''s slid and I haven't opened my laptop in about a fortnight. I'm considering getting a netbook that is a tablet and smaller so I can edit and blog on the go?!!?! Any recommendations.

I have just won a give away from Beth which I'm going to blog about as thats the only Idea I have at the moment.

I have also stopped reading blogs which I guess makes me feel bad about writing one. My time management skills have gone out the window. What blogs are you reading? Give me ideas of who I should be reading and what kind of posts do you like reading? what would you like to see here?

I'm going to leave it there.


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