Day 1 - B.E.D September 2016 - Self portrait and 5 random facts

Thursday, September 01, 2016

Welcome to my attempt to blog every day in September (B.E.D September).Disclaimer:  A lot of these posts will be pre-written in August. My idea behind this attempt is to get content out more than anything. I've really fallen out of love with blogging. Maybe not blogging but the motivation to write and the odd post I've put out since June have made me want to write again. 
I've drafted a list of prompts and I really want to post these between now and 30th August. There may also be other posts as well as or instead of these but I'm hoping to get my mojo back. Yes I am one big cliche and I think that's why I stopped. I foolishly read things online that make me question myself and I was taking things I read as being about me. But  in fairness the person writing those things had probably never even seen my blog let alone read it. 

Blog for yourself and if anyone reads it, great! If anyone interacts then fanatic. I love people who engage with me. Either by leaving a comment on here or tweeting me. You could always email me if you felt the need. 

Three paragraph's later we'll get to prompt number one:

Self portrait and 5 random facts

The self portrait - what was I thinking when I wrote the prompt? Errrr it should have been a far less pretentious selfie! 

This one I've stolen from my phone and was taken in June. My phone has stopped syncing to the cloud or whatever the andriod version is and I actually quite like this picture. It's a bit under exposed but hey you win some you lose some. 

The facts? Errr ok, so I wrote the prompts, well borrowed from pinterest mainly but I'm not sure I'd have come up with anything better myself.

Fact 1 - I started a new job role mid August.

Fact 2 - I don't like loud noises

Fact 3 - I like musicals

Fact 4 - I have never been to London

Fact 5 - I cry when I'm angry, not when I'm sad

Day one done, here's to the next 29 days! 

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