Day 10 v - B.E.D September 2016 - #CFFBoxSwap

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Hey I#m still Blogging Every Day


Today is the day of The Curve Fashion Fest in Liverpool and I wasn't going, I couldn't afford it. I have a lot of things on this month so when Em suggested a box swap for those who could't make it I was excited.

We had a budget of £20 plus postage (I think -- That's what I spent anyway). I don't want to say who I bought for in case it hasn't arrived but I truly hope it has arrived in one piece. I'm regretting my packing of it but if it hasn't arrived quickly I will send them another one. I've been stalking their social media and know they haven't had the best of weeks and I'm hoping my parcel isn't one of the things making her sad.

I picked out a random selection of items and a lot of it was fun and a bit silly but I hope a lot of it is useful and she will like it.

I always get this guilty, anxious feeling doing swaps that I will get my person totally wrong. The last one I did the person didn't post on social media about it at all so errr I'm guessing that didn't go so well.

My box arrived on Thursday and I couldn't save it, I had to open it, I did film and unboxing video which is over on my YT channel if you fancy seeing my first impression.

Another reason I wanted to open it early is because I am actually going to CFF! Surprise!!

My friend Kelly wasn't able to make it and has given me her ticket so I can now go. I'm so torn with my emotions as I'm so happy to be going and seeing everyone when I'd written it off but so sad I'm only getting to have an amazing day as Kelly isn't able to go.

What's in the Box

My box arrived cover in 500 layers of stickytape and was the more secure package i've ever received which makes me double my packing even more but on the inside it was a trove of treasures. 

There wasn't a note in my box but sadly I know most post code areas and i'm pretty confident I know who sent my package. 

If it is who I think it is we've met no more than 4 times (Is that right?) but she has got me 100% spot on. The box couldn't have been more perfect even if I'd spent the £20 on myself. 

Project Book - Perfect for blog and vlog idea's and has some great prints on the divider tabs
A book of sticky notes and some Tsum Tsum page markers along with some brightly coloured page markers, not forgetting the sparkly washitape. 

The showergel is one of the nicest smelling products I've had in a while, it's apple and vanilla milk, I can't wait to use it. 

There was also Essence eyeshadow. I've loved essence for the longest time. Way before It came to the UK and there was also a pretty pink nail polish. 

She'd included a pack of coasters and at first I was a little confused, if you've seen the video you will spot it but when I opened the final item it all became clear as there was a cup and saucer set. 

I said it the video it warms my heart and this gift truly has. I've felt out of the Plus Size community for a while and I've been tiptoeing round the edges for a long time but I felt so happy. 

The last item to mention but not the last open I opened was a heart shaped Rose quartz, this is so special to me as not only do I love this but it's my birthstone. I always used to carry a piece with me but I lost my purse and the stone with it. 

I can't thank Em enough for co-ordinating everything and my swapper for knowing me better than myself. Love to you lady xxx 

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