Day 14 - B.E.D September 2016 - The Curve Fashion Fest 2016 #TCFF16

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Are you proud of me? I'm proud of  me. We're almost half way through Blogging Every Day in September and after this post I've only got 6 most posts to write to make it a post a day. I've also posted two adhoc (not counted in the challenge post) and 3 of those posts have photo's in a drafts and I've got 3 posts that need to go up after events so they will be almost like real posts!! I'm pretty chuffed that I've got myself into a little rhythm of writing and wanting to post more regularly.

The Curve Fashion Fest 2016 #TCFF16

If you've read a couple of my previous posts you'll know I was lucky enough to get a last minute ticket to The Curve Fashion Fest last weekend. 

It was a beautiful day in Liverpool and my spirits were lifted by all the love and support I got from all the wonderful woman I met and spoke to on that day. 

I've really stepped away from the Plus Size community in the past few months and I now feel right back in the heart of it. 

I wandered, I hugged, I photo boothed, I laughed. I had a few moments but not only did I pull myself through it made me realise what a huge support network I have. I said in the rambling post I put up the night of the event, I don't even remember why I stepped back, self doubt, things that were going on at the time. 

Even though people have said they were about for a chat if I needed it I didn't take them up on it but from seeing them again brought it home that these people are real friends even if I only see them once a year. 

I may have treated myself to a shirt dress from Yours, I adore the colours and I sized up as they didn't have a changing booth and I wanted a relaxed oversized look. Yours had a 20% off so I paid £23. 

In last years post I feel like I did a list of things that I loved, things I needed to better and things I felt the event needed. I'm still going to do that but I wanted to talk about my highlights.

The first was being recognised almost as soon as I walked in for my YouTube channel of all places! I get around 35 views per video so it's lovely to meet someone who watches. I also follow her as well but I didn't recognise her so Hello!! 

The Second is a toss up but I think the point my confidence took a turn for the better was the group photo. Debz as always organised as many of us as possible to meet in the lobby for our traditional group photo and it made me so happy. The below picture was taken with permission from Kate, taken on her phone by Alfie. 

 I also used the photo booths. Various brands had brought them and what was great was that for the most part they were screened off or in a corner of the stand rather than front and centre which made be be a bit more myself in them.

 The SimplyBe booth was by far my favourite and you had the option to email the photo's as a Gif which I did. My old regret is that I didn't go in more booths with more people!

There was a mix of brands selling and just promoting new seasons items. These are a few of my stand out items. The patch trainers are from BooHoo (I think - I'm 99% sure)

I'm also a bomber jacket addict, I hadn't realised until the event. The next couple from Simple Be are light weight and good transition pieces. I'm going away in October so while my heart is looking forward to cosy knits and beanie hats my head is still looking for summer clothes.

As well as the main Cat Walks there was also a how too stage. I didn't really watch many of these as a lot of the topics are just not me but I can see how some would find them useful. The only show I was looking forward to had to be cancelled but it was unavoidable and while I'm sad it was cancelled it meant I didn't feel bad for leaving a bit earlier than I'd planned.

I'm loving this silver dress which is from New Look, I'm not sure what the How To... was about and my photo doesn't do it justice but I was expecting this to be from River Island or A N Other Plus Size brand.

I also didn't really watch many of the fashion shows, there didn't seem to be any free seats when I went over and while I love clothes watching fashion shows really aren't for me. The few show's I did spot as I walked past had some amazing clothes and I fell in love with this dress from RI. I need to find myself a RI Plus section to see how it looks on me.

As an event and a chance to see my friends I had an amazing time, there were  a few things for me that could have been better. The venue was really hot, the lighting was terrible (Both out of the organisers hands but just a note from my grumpy side). There was also a lack of seating not just at the catwalks but in general. There was a cafe at the venue and I did buy a drink but there were no free chairs at any of the tables even to ask people to share a table. There were some seats in the lobby area but but two big events on I found them full and really think these events could benefit from a quiet zone. A place sectioned off where you can just go and sit, have 5 mins breather from everything that was happening. This quiet zone would also benefit from a charging station.

The excellent points were sectioned off photo booths, the amazing welcome and hugs I got from other bloggers and that it boosted my self esteem. I felt happy and comfortable in my outfit choice and my shoes held out till about 4pm and then the ballet flats came out. 

For my own development I need to take selfies with people or get people to take pics of me with other people. The Sunday of Style XL I did that and I have loads of pics with me and other fat babes and they are some of my favourite pictures. I guess I feel a bit shy about asking. I've never yet taken a selfie I like which is something I'm working on. I also need to brush my hair more frequently! I'm happy with 2 development points!

Did you go, did you have a good time? Sorry if I didn't say hello, I also don't really know how to introduce myself and I don't know how to ask people who they are for fear of offending them  as I should probably know who they are! 

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