Day 15 - B.E.D September 2016 - Tips for events

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Day 15 already! Welcome back to Blogging Every Day in September 2016. How's it going are we still keeping up?

Tips for events

I'm by no means an expert at this and i'll say straight away know your own mind and limits. However over the years I've been to a number of events, from Brand led, PR Led, Blogger meet up and events run by bloggers for bloggers. 

Go enjoy yourself and you won't be the only one who feels anxious if that's how you feel. 

When I come home from events I always feel like I didn't speak to enough people, or connect. I've also forgotten half the names of people and end up in a bit of an event downers / blues especially if it's been a big type of event. This is normal. I've discovered a lot of us feel like this. Take to twitter, ask others you know if they can remember who you mean. Stalk the twitter hashtags and don't feel bad for not remembering.

I'm guessing you had a great time, you were much braver than you expected to be and once you look through the pictures you took (or via instagram, cos you were having too good a time to take pictures) 

Try and push yourself out of your comfort zone, or don't. If you need to sit quietly in a corner all day then do it. Remember you made it to the event, you're in you are experiencing it either from the middle of the centre stage or from a far. 

If you can arrange to meet up with others, even if this is just a starting point and feel free to go and wander on your own and meet up later. 

There is nothing revolutionary in what I'm saying but I sometime wish someone had said these things to me. 

I've also included a random selection of pictures from a few events over the last year or so.

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