Day 17 - B.E.D September 2016 - Can you remember your fist ever blog post

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Hello day 17 and I'm Blogging Every Day. Honesty alter. Still pre-writing and I've skipped a few and jumped from day 5 to day 17 as It's one I remember well. It's a very long time since my first ever blog post went live and it's still out there on the internet to be read by all. Don't worry it's very short and concise! 

Can you remember your fist ever blog post

The simple answer is yes and Here's the link. The link will explain the picture. If you want to know more scroll down and I will do my usual and ramble on and explain how I found the world of bloggers and I might even explain why there is a picture of fungus on my blog. 

Thank you for joining me, are you sitting comfortably? I feel like this will be long. Much longer than my first ever blog post. 

Lets roll back to February 2008, I used to use the weight watchers chat forums and one of the girls I was talking to on there (Hello Mandy - We're still friends) introduced me to HS:MS which in simple forms was an early version of the instgram photo a day challenges. A couple of professional photographers would publish a prompt and we would all do our own take on it and the visit and comment. 

Later down the line a lot of us would become facebook friends and I'm still friends with a number of them. We even had a meet up in Manchester and all thins was long before I knew what a blog was. There wasn't the community or twitter. I didn't really think of it as anything other than fun. 

That was my first ever blog and post. There have been many other blogs and posts over the years but it was only when I started Seeing Spots I truly felt like a blogger and had that sense of community and while over the last 6 - 12 months I feel like I've lost that and I just don't know where I fit. I'm determined just to blog for me and if anyone reads it great.

What was your first blog post?

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