Day 19 - B.E.D September 2016 - Coach Trip to Liverpool

Monday, September 19, 2016

Last Friday I took a day's annual leave and went on a coach trip with my mum and gran to Liverpool. As well as it being a city I love visiting it also provides the perfect opportunity to include it in my Blogging Every Day challenge. 

Coach Trip to Liverpool 

Liverpool is a city that I had only visited a couple of times until last year when I went to two blog events. Then in January I had a 3 night mini break with my mum to start the new year and I have visited twice in less than a week. I'm also going back at least once more this year if not twice. (An event and maybe another mini break) 

 I went last weekend for The Curve Fashion Fest and last Friday I went on a Coach Trip organised by my local news paper. It was £16 each and we had around 5 hours free time in the city centre. 

We were dropped off at Albert Dock and after a coffee we headed to the big wheel. The views are stunning and despite it being extremely rocky  when we were at the top and for a second I though one of us would have to press the RED Emergency "Get me down" button we were fine. It also would have meant leaving go of the seat. The wheel goes round for 3 full rotations and takes around 15 - 20 mins. At £9.00 each I didn't think it was bad value and we all enjoyed it and it made us feel brave. Which isn't a bad way to feel on a Friday morning. 

Big Wheel, Liverpool, Merseyside, Tourist, North West, Family

Big Wheel, Liverpool, Merseyside, Tourist, North West, Family

Big Wheel, Liverpool, Merseyside, Tourist, North West, Family

carousel Albert Dock Liverpool
Once back on on the ground we headed over to Liverpool one via the for a spot of shopping. I didn't really go in that many shops but I did pick up some sales bargains for my up coming holiday. I'll talk about them in another post, but in short I bought from New Look, Forever 21 +,  H & M and Marks and Spencers.  

Art, Liverpool One

For lunch we headed to Weatherspoons for a spot of Fish Friday before another trip to TK Maxx where my gran got herself a bargain pair of shoes. Navy leather court shoes for £16 instead of £62. Ever wondered where I got my bargain hunting nose from well look no further. 

A trip to Liverpool wouldn't be complete without a trip to P&D Deli and a little sweet treat to bolster us for the second half of our day. 

P&D, Deli, Liverpool, Tea, Biscuits, Italian Deli, Liverpool One

Street food vans are all the rage everywhere and if only I'd know I'd have forgone my fish Friday for a cheese on toast from a van! They need one of these in the Castlefeild area of Manchester! (Please)

Food Van, Cheese on Toast, Albert Dock, Liverpool

If we thought it was windy when we were on the wheel, it was nothing compared to 3pm dockside. 

Albert Dock, Liverpool, Mersey,

My gran wanted to wander over to see what was on the other side of the bridge as we've always walked around the square of the dock (Terminology escapes me - Do you know what I mean by that?)

Albert Dock, Liverpool, Mersey,

They both had there picture taken with this horse statue and for once I stepped out from behind the camera.

I also need to give myself some kudos for picking the best outfit for the weather. This shirt from H&M is light and despite the buttons not always staying closed it's really easy to wear and I want it in every colour.

Albert Dock, Liverpool, Mersey,

Love Locks, Albert Dock, Liverpool, Mersey,

Albert Dock, Liverpool, Mersey,

We ended the day in the same place we started it. Costa Coffee to wait for the coach back home. I love spending time in Liverpool and can't wait till I'm back in the city.

Big Wheel Albert Dock, Liverpool, Mersey,

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