Day 20- B.E.D September 2016 - Ladies Who Lunch

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

 Are you following my Blogging Every Day in September challenge? I really think September was a good month to choose to blog as I've had a lot going on, so as well as a lot of the prewritten fluffy post I've also been able to include some "LIVE" written on the day for the next couple of days posts without feeling rushed.

I still don't really know how people feel about that but I guess unless I'm told I have no idea if a post has just been written or if it's 3 weeks old!

Ladies Who Lunch

Last Sunday I went for Afternoon Tea with three of my friends to The Vintage Cupcake Kitchen in Uppermill, Saddleworth. It's not too far from where we all live and somewhere I've wanted to try for a while. 

The shop has recently been renovated and extended into the next door shop and I think this makes such a difference. Inside is light and bright and I felt like we had plenty of space as we had two babies and buggies with us. 

We started with cold drinks, I had a Strawberry & Raspberry with cracked black pepper drink. I can't say I noticed the pepper but it was delicious. 

Afternoon tea, Vintage Cupcake Kitchen, Uppermill, Saddleworth

Afternoon tea for the 4 of us came out on one big stand which was good as it saved us a bit of space on the table. The only thing I would say is only one of us is vegetarian and all the sandwiches were veggie (egg and cream cheese) but there were pork pies. I'm not sure if we should have had other flavour sandwiches or if this is standard. They were really fresh and tasted nice and we all like these sandwiches but I would have expected ham or salmon sandwiches. Not sure if that's just me. 

Bottom Tier

Egg sandwiches on granary bread, Cream cheese and cucumber on white bread. Pork pies and pickle. White rolls with sun dried tomato and cheese (almost pizza) and very delicious. 

Middle Tier

Lemon loaf, Mini cupcakes with glitter, Blondie Brownie bites and chocolate dipped strawberries. 

Top Tier

Scones with fresh raspberries, cream, butter and jam. 

Everything was delicious but if I had to pick a favourite it would have to be the blondie brownie bite which had big chunks of chocolate closely followed by the sun dried tomato roll. 

It worked out at just under £23 each, in addition to the afternoon tea had 2 soft drinks each and we ordered coffee instead of tea and I didn't notice if we payed extra for that or if it was included in the price. 

From what I have seen on Facebook they now only do afternoon tea at weekends and it has to be prebooked. We didn't see the regular menu but from the tables around us everything looked nice and I'm planning on taking my mum in a few weeks. 

We had  lovely couple of hours putting the world to rights, followed by a walk round a craft fair and a trip to a stop called Authentic where I treated myself to a couple of bits but I'll talk about them in another post. 

Have you been for afternoon tea lately? have you got any recommendations? 

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