Day 22 - B.E.D September 2016 - What's in my Bag

Thursday, September 22, 2016

One good thing about doing this Blogging Every Day is that it has finally got me to clean out my bag, from random receipts floating round & broken hair grips. I've got rid of the crap but this is everything else I've been carrying round. The only things missing is my book and headphones and I've no idea where either are!

What's in my Bag 

My handbag is now a grey backpack from Accessorise which I picked up from their Harrogate branch back in January. I think I paid £10 in the sale and I use it pretty much everyday. 

It has a couple of zip issues where it sometimes splits but it's easy to unzip and re-zip and I think it's got a bit of life left in it. 

What's in my bag September 2016

It also reduces my need to carry an additional bag for life as it's pretty roomy. Inside it has a large main pocket, a small zip pocket and a pouch with no zip which I thought was pointless at first but I use it a lot.

When I was taking the pictures they looked cute and "organic" but in fact they are just messy but we're going to go with it.

I cleaned out my bag of random receipts and hairgrips and decided it was a good time to share the contents.

What's in my bag September 2016

The one thing that is always inside is my new Vlog Camera, I keep it in this Primark purse and the camera isn't great I need to play with the settings as I think it could be a good camera if only I knew how to use it. I also have a small coin purse from H&M. I was using this as my main purse but I've finally swapped back to a main purse.

What's in my bag September 2016

I always have a Diary in my bag i'm currently using this Stick to Stigu  planner which is great for the most part and I'm hoping the 2017 version has ironed out the kinks of this one. I also have three pens, 2 packs of sticky notes and a weekly / monthly view post pad from tesco which is handy for blog planning and because this diary doesn't have a monthly view i'm starting to use these just so I have can glance and see what i've got coming up.

What's in my bag September 2016

I have some painkillers and coldsore cream as I'm a bit down at the moment and I have a variety if lip products which I usually forget about.

What's in my bag September 2016

Other essentials are my purse which is from TK Maxx and is really soft leather but sadly I think it's ready to expire but we'll plough on with it for now. I also have my locker "key" for work, a packet of tissues. My Tram pass and a random selection of other things, including handcream and 4 lighters.

What do you keep in your handbag? 

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