Day 25 - B.E.D September 2016 - Skin Care Routine

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Hello, How are we today? Have you been enjoying my Blogging Every Day challenge? I keep saying challenge, is it a challenge? Is it a mission or what is it? I really don't know.

Skin care routine

When it comes to washing my face I'm a little bit over the soap and glory products I've been using for a while. I made an error buying such large products, I've also been mixing it up using some sample size facial scrubs and face washes. I only use these when I have a shower. I'm sure a few beauty gurus will be horrified about washing your face in the shower but it is what it is.

My core facial cleansing staples are:

Ganier Micellar water - I'm almost out of this bottle and I've got a Botanics from boots and a back up. I used to love the Garnier one but this bottle doesn't seem as good as I remember. It almost feel a bit like toner. I was previously using the Botanics one which  I really liked.

My Eye Make up remover is also from Botanics and this is also a repurchase. It's not like me to be loyal to brands but the older I get the loyaler I'm becoming.

I feel like toners have really gone out of fashion and I've been struggling to find one. Have they got a new name? What am I missing? I picked up the Simple Soothing Toner up from Sainsburys and it's not great. It is really gentle, so gentle it feels weaker than the Micellar water but it is refreshing and because it's so gentle when I forget myself and wipe it over my eyes it doesn't hurt.

Skin Care Routine, Garnier Micellar water, Simple Soothing Toner, Botanics Eye Make up remover, Nuxe, Moisture restore

I haven't got a current regular day time moisturiser as I've recently used up one and I haven't dug out a new one. But the night moisturisers I use are really rich and I don't feel like I need one in the mornings.

A long standing favourite night moisturiser is the Ganier Moisture + I've gone through countless jars of this. You can almost always find it half price and I love the texture which is cross between a cream and a gel.

I also use the Nuxe Masque Creme Fraiche  I only use this once or twice a month. I apply a thick layer and leave it to soak in, It sometimes leave a bit of a residue but a quick swipe of toner will clear that. This is my 3rd tube and I love it. It's pricey but I've always got mine in Beauty boxes or as a free gift when buying a beauty box. I would pay full price for it. 

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