Day 26 - B.E.D September 2016 - Most used Apps

Monday, September 26, 2016

I'm currently Blogging Every Day in September 2016, plugging my way through a set of prompts I've set myself to encourage myself to blog more.

 Most used Apps

I'm not sure where an app starts and a website ends so I'm going with an app meaning the most used things on my phone. These might not be things I like (they probably are). 

I have a nice little pattern. I check in no particular order Twitter, Facebook, Instagram,YouTube. I then do a circuit about 3 times before I settle on one to look at. 

Twitter - In the past I've loved twitter, I love the instant interaction and quick pace but since an update a few times ago where they suggest things they think you'd like and show you stuff from hours ago. I really don't care about that. I want instant up to date data! My Instagram and possibly some blog stuff auto posts but I seem to only open it once a day or if I get a notification. (I do use it for some instant message chats) 

Facebook - Is another love to hate, hate to love app for me. I use it, I scroll, I sometime like things but I've hardly updated it other than things that auto post. I am in a few groups which I do interact on there and when i see my facebook memories, I think I should post more! Maybe I should start interacting on it a bit more. I also want to start using my blog page more.

Instagram - My favourite, I am very visual and I haven't really noticed much change since the algarhythams have changed but I started the account to use in conjunction with my blog but I use it for random pictures of everything. It isn't one of those pretty IG accounts. Its just a true account of my life. I also have a second account which is for my Slimming World stuff. 

I also play candy crush soda saga and pet rescue saga. I'm rubbish at both but they are a bit addictive. 

I might have also had a little dabble with Pokémon Go but I've got to level 20 and given up! 

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