Day 27 - B.E.D September 2016 - Favourite quote

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

The end is in sight, I can see it on the horizon and my Blogging Every Day challenge is drawing to a close. October brings, Sun, sea and shopping rather than the usual cold but sunny days, leaves changing colours and the nights drawing in as I'm going on Holiday to Lanzarote.

Favourite quote

This is a tough one for me and is one of the prompts I got from Pinterest. Years ago when I was about 20 my friend bought me a book to write quotes in and I did write lots in it but I have no idea where it is. I did write in it weekly and read over it often. 

I like movies some people think are a bit odd and obscure and I think a lot of people expect me to be a RomCom kinda girl and while I like those my favourite ever film is Buffy The Vampire Slayer followed by Battle Royal way above Bridget Jones Et Al. 

Thinking of movie quotes, one I think of daily and it gets me through dark moment is:

"Hello, My name is Inigo Montoya. 
You killed my father prepare to die"

Princess Bride - 1987
I don't know why this is my go to mantra, it's a bit like Jingle Bells is my default ear worm. I often say this to myself followed by "As you wish".I know they don't go together in the film but they are a default to me. 

Other quotes are a bit of a mash up of lines to make a brand new quote. It's a mix of:
Amilyn: We're immortal, Buffy. We can do anything!
Buffy: Oh yeah? Clap.

and Amilyn's scene over the end credits while he oooo's and ahhhh's for well over a minute. It works in my head

I guess when it come to other quotes, there are lots of classics which can be seen as somewhat cliche but if you like them and they make you feel happy and uplift you. 

 If life gives you lemons and all that jazz, I may have made this one up, or it might be another mashup I made in my head. It also might be one cos I'm a bit lazy and like to think i'm a bit funny! 

Hope you've enjoyed a few of my favourite quotes. I'd love to know yours.

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