Day 29- B.E.D September 2016 - Planner Sticker Haul

Thursday, September 29, 2016

It's the penultimate day of my Blogging Every Day and I can give you a spoiler alert. I've offically done it. The last post is written and scheduled and I've surprised myself. I feel proud that I set myself a task and stuck to it. I planned and prepped and I bloody did it! Yay me.

Planner Sticker Haul

I picked up and planner and then spent a fortune on stickers! I thought i'd share with the the ones I picked up. I have got another set up as that was quite a large order I might save them for another post. 

Planner Stickers Erin Conden

I grabbed these three sheets of Happy Planner stickers and they are really nice quality. I feel like they are a bit big for my planner but I have managed to use a couple of them and I'm sure I can fit them in and make use of them.

I also lost three days looking round Etsy, it is awash with stickers, insert and there are lots of discount codes.

I bought a mix of personal planner (Filofax sized) stickers as well as Erin Condren sized stickers from Kelizabeth Plans and these are really lovely quality matte stickers.

Again they are not a perfect size but I can make them work for my planner. I adore the colours of the September pack and there was more sheets than I remembered but it is right I have double checked.

Etsy Planner Stickers Erin Conden

I don't want to go down the route making no white space spreads. I want my stickers to compliment and not over complicate things but I think they have added to my sticker love.

Do you plan? Recommend me some sticker or planner shops

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