Day 4 - B.E.D September 2016 - 10 things that make you awesome

Sunday, September 04, 2016

Gosh what was I thinking when I picked the prompts for Blogging Every Day in September?

10 things that make you awesome

Maybe this is a bit too close to the five facts about me? I felt like this should be a confidence boosting post. Ten things I like about myself. Ten things that are good about me? 

A while ago, I put a post on Facebook to get people to say one things they thought about me and it was all so positive. I'd highly recommend doing it. 

It's so hard to see yourself in the same way other people do. I did mean to write a post about if at the time but I've just not been blogging. 

What makes me Awesome

I'm (1) Kind I like to think I'm considerate of other people and like to please people. 

My sense of humour is (2) Interesting. It's a little bit warped and not everyone gets it, but I can be quick. witty and I have been told I'm funny (haha) on occasion. 

(3) Bargain hunter extraordinaire This post is about blowing my own trumpet but I'll admit this is a bit of a wild statement. I do love a bargain and unless I can't live without something I will often wait till it's in the sale. If it doesn't go into the sale it wasn't meant to be. 

I don't talk about work much but I'm classed as and (4) Expert in my job. I often feel like a swan, graceful (not really) on the surface and paddling furiously under the surface to keep my head above water. I sit and chant graceful swan at various point throughout my day. 

What else is awesome about me? I'm a level 20 (5) Pokémon Trainer that's pretty awesome, although I've kind of given up playing it. You need 50,000 XP points to level up. I ain't got time for that (You know I will carry on)

An undiscovered (6) Goggleboxer. We often think that googlebox are missing out as me and my mum commentate as we watch but I wouldn't like to be on TV, I do think they are missing out on some of the lines we come out with. 

My general lack of (7) Self awareness. This is a bit tenuous as think could be a negative as well as an awesome quality. I wear what I want (most of the time). I don't really care if I wear make up or not and the other day I didn't brush my hair till 10.30am (yes it was a work day and yes I know I should have brushed it much earlier). I have major body confidence issues and I get paranoid at lot but generally I don't let it hold me back. I get anxious about other things other than how I look. 

(8) Writing posts like this is so hard but I'm counting it as one. A few years ago the answer would have been nothing or my (9) long eye lashes which are my favourite body part or feature.  

Being (10) Myself, I am awesome. We all are and the sooner we all realise that the better. 

This was a hard post to write and yes some are a bit of a stretch and some are silly we are who we are and I'd say the majority of the time we don't realise it enough. We focus on the bad time, the negatives and we are unique, special and amazing and not forgetting Awesome

What makes you awesome? 

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