Day 5 - B.E.D September 2016 - Next holiday

Monday, September 05, 2016

Hello and welcome to day 5 of my Blogging Every Day in September. I hope I manage to keep these up and it inspires me to carry on blogging as I have to say I am really enjoying writing at the moment. 

All the post so far have been pre-written in advance and this one is no exception. I like to plan and schedule post and I really do feel like I can get back into a routine of writing a few posts and schedule them for throughout the week or month. Who knows. I need to sit down and plan. 

Next holiday

As this post goes live it will be 5 weeks and 6 days till my next holiday. I feel like that sounds like i'm always jetting off but this year that isn't the case. I haven't been away since June 2015. I have had a couple of weekend breaks but for me a holiday means getting on a plane and jetting off to sunnier climes. 

Unusually for me I'm going back to the same resort as I went to last June. I have been there a couple of times now but we usually alternate between different places. 

We're going to Costa Teguise in Lanzarote and will be my 4th visit to this resort and my 5th to the Island (6th if you count the day trip we had from Fuerteventura a few years ago) 

I love this resort, I've always had a great time and I like that it's quiet if you want it but it isn't dead. There are plenty of bars and restaurants. 

One of my favourite things is to walk down the prom and while it is windy and you're at risk of being run over by a cyclist or jumped on my a random cat it's a beautiful walk. The views are stunning and it always makes me happy. 

Another bonus of Lanzarote is the shopping. We often go into Aricife the capital and have a wander round the shops and it's worth going to the bar at the top of the Aricife Gran hotel. Which is the only sky scraper on the island. It's hotel prices but worth it for the view. I can't find the pictures I took while I was there last. 

We also like to get the bus to Playa Del Carmen where there is a small shopping mall called Biosfera centre. This is the first resort I ever went to and vowed never to go back to the Island I hated it that much but now I'm happy to pop over for a trip round the shops. 

The hotel we're staying at this time is closer to the town centre and there are other commercial centres I've never been to before, despite it being my 4th stay we've always stuck to the places we know and I'm looking forward to exploring more and trying new places. 

Roll on 9th October, it really can't come round soon enough. Next year I need to plan my holidays better so I can get away twice.

When is your next holiday?

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