Day 7 - B.E.D September 2016 - What’s in your makeup bag

Wednesday, September 07, 2016

As we end the first week of Blogging Every Day in September, I feel like it's gone quite well. As I type this I'm one post away from completing the first 7 days. I've mentioned it before and I will do in almost every post but these are being written in advance and not in chronological order (Shhh It's still August as I type)

 What’s in your makeup bag

I own a lot of make up but I tend to keep a smallish makeup bag with the item i'm currently using / want to use on hand. 

My morning routines have change slightly and I have had time to apply my makeup at home so my makeup bag has grown as I don't have to cart it round with me. 

The above picture is everything apart from lipsticks which is in my bag currently. It doesn't all get used on a daily basis but over the course of the week I do try and use most of it.

My powder is L'Oreal Nude Magique in medium, I don't have much of an opinion of this even though i've been using it for a while. It's not terrible, but it's not something that is a standout product.

I've run out of primer or I haven't dug out another from my drawer of all products but I did pick up the Botanics Radium Balm which I think might be a primer or at least I'm using it as one. It's very similar to something I used to buy from Superdrug and I adore the smell of it.

Up to a couple of weeks ago all I was using on my eye lids was the Maybeline Colour Tattoo in Creme de Rose. I feel like it's a good shade for me and really simple and easy without any effort at all.

Where concealer is concerned for months I've been using the Essesnce duo but as of this morning it's officially all used up, but worth mentioning as I've really enjoyed using this and must remember to pick up another (I should really use up all my other products first). As I knew the essence one was running out I dug out an old Collection Lasting Perfection concealer in Light. I'd forgotten how good this is and there isn't much left in this tube so I'm glad I remembered about it before it goes off.

The only blush I've been using is my Benefit Majorette cream to powder blush, this is good for layering but as I want a quick no make up make up look for work I like how easy it is to work with. My only disappointment with this is that it's come away from the pan and you have to be careful with it, which is a shame as it was pretty expensive.

I'm also working my way through my Maybelline Dream Flawless Nude Foundation. I'd got a good way through this at the end of last year and put it away in favour of my Boot's No 7 Foundation which I've recently finished. This is a bit thick and dry's very quickly. I find I have to wipe the applicator over my face and rub in quickly rather than put a few drops of the back of my had as I normally would with foundation. It's ok but I'm not in a rush to repurchase it.

Since I've started with the maybeline foundation I feel like I need to warm my face up with bronzer which isn't something I'd normally wear for work but the Milani Hermosa Rose has been working really well. I find a quick sweep all over warms me up without it being overkill. I've also been using my No 7 Intelligent Colour Foundation in Medium  on light make up days or as a base as it's quite silicon like and it really doesn't provide much coverage but does even out tones but I feel like I need more coverage these days. I feel like it will come into it's own when I come back from holiday in October.

As I mentioned before all I had been wearing on my eyes has been the colour tattoo but I grabbed a couple of the NYX Jumbo Eye Pencisl in Iced Mocha & Sparkle Leopard and they are fantastic, the blend well and I want more. There is Rust coloured one that reminds me of a Charlotte Tilbury colour. I've not seen them side by side but I want to try it especially when it come to autumn.

We might already know I'm a sucker for a gimmick and Rimmel  got me good with the Colourist Mascara this is meant to tint your lashes. I'm about 2 weeks in and I haven't really noticed a difference, however I do like it as a mascara it's very much a day time mascara but I'm enjoying using it and got it on offer so I'm ok with that. My lashes are quite dark to start with so maybe if you have paler lashes you might see a bigger difference.

I haven't had my eyebrows shaped or trimmed since March but because I wear glasses I feel like I can get away with it. I do try and tame what I have and I am going to book an appointment before I go on holiday. To fill in my brows I used the NYX Micro Brow pencil in Ash Brown, I'm on to my second one of these and I feel like I will always want to use it. I don't remember gushing about an eyebrow product as much as this one. It's very fine and comes in lots of shades. I also add the Eyelure Brown Amplifier I've only been using this for a week or so and I don't look forward to using it but once it's on I quite like it. I think I've got so used to the Maybelline brow drama that I can't or don't want to get on with anything else.

For my every day eyeliner I use the Khol Me Beautiful in brown which is from PoundLand, I love this eyeliner. It's soft but I don't feel like it smudges after you've smudged it to how you like it. I've also been using the Cargo Black eyeliner which came in an eye shadow palette from TK Maxx. It's not great. It's very soft and bits flake off it. I'd go as far to say it's terrible and I need to throw it away! The final item in the bag is another eyeliner from Avon and it's a felt pen. It's not great but I'm not great at wearing felt pen eyeliner.

I do try and mix things up every few week and over the last month I had used up a lot of the products I had been using for most of the year and I think when you change things round it's a learning curve of what works. What I am learning more and more is that there is no point keeping something you hate. If it isn't working get rid. Don't put it back in the drawer just get it out. It's not a numbers game to have the most of one type of product.

I discovered the project panning community on YouTube last year and I have done a few panning challenges including a use 16 in 16 which I've almost given up on but looking back over my empties videos but I have been using products up and I don't think I've ever really used things up before. I get bored or just buy new and keep a stock pile. My rotating my make up mixed with keeping a few core items in my make up bag till they are used up I feel like for once I'm getting my monies worth. That's not to say I don't have drawers full of products that still need to be used but I'm getting there.

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