Day 9 - B.E.D September 2016 - Guilty pleasures

Friday, September 09, 2016

It's been quite cathartic getting posts ready for my Blogging Every Day challenge.

Guilty pleasures

What classes as a guilty pleasure? Something that you don't really want to share in the public domain? Something you think is unpopular.

Say Yes to the dress - I'm addicted to this show, I don't think I'll ever get married so this is my guilty pleasure looking at wedding dresses and mentally planning a wedding that will never be. 

Love at First Sight - In a similar fashion to the above, I love a good wedding. This show fascinates me. I've watched all of Season 1 USA, Most of Season 2 USA and I've just started on the Season 1 od the Australian version. All 4 has a lot to answer for. I couldn't even imagine going on a date with someone I sort of knew, let alone a blind date, let alone an arranged marriage filmed for TV viewing pleasure. 

YouTubers - Yes I make videos as a hobby but I'm obsessed with watching Vlogs. Seeing peoples lives. I really enjoy watching Joe Sugg, Oli White & Tom "Syndicate". I prefer them over people who are more age and area of like. They are all young 20 something lads. I don't fancy them, I just enjoy seeing their lives. Totally different from my 9-5. They don't have regular jobs and they all obviously have no money troubles. Tom is the most recently of my discoveries and I think I enjoy watching him as he's northern. He lives not too far from me and often visits places I go to so it's good to see them.

Emmerdale - We have never been a family to watch Emmerdale, it was always my granparents programme and we pulled out faces but over the past few months I've found myself watching it when I couldn't be bothered to turn over for the One Show but now it's become a regular habbit, to the point we're looking at booking tickets for the Emmerdale Studio Tour! 

Companion Shows - I don't know if this is the right description. But shows like Bit on the Side, GBBO an Extra Slice, follow up shows to main programmes. There used to be one for the Hotel inspector where they sent the channel five version of Joe Swash in to the hotels they were featuring to get a first person perspective. I get why they stopped doing it but I almost enjoyed it more than the main show. 

What are you guilty pleasures?

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