Blogging Friends and appreciation for them

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Over the past few weeks I've had a few opportunities to spend time with friends I've met through blogging. Also known as my blogger friends. They differ from friends in real life in a number of ways.

The first noticeable is that I speak to them more frequently, in some cases I see them more often and I feel like they understand me more.

As much as I love my friends in real life very few of them understand the world of blogging and most of my interests are blogging or social media related and online friends get this.

They are there to send virtual kittens when you're sad, they do really lovely things like a whip round when someone is in need. They offer their time to help people move house and they help support each others social media platforms and I'm not talking about like for a like type thing but real genuine interactions. Often having conversations on different platforms at the same time on about different things.

I've just look back through the albums on my laptops and I've got some really lovey pictures of me and other bloggers but I don't have enough. I'm an observer and I have some lovely pictures of other people in pairs or groups but I'm not in them.

The bloggers in my circle of friends from the plus size community and the North West bloggers who have a wider split of blog types but our commonality is the North West of England and in theory we can meet up more often.

  Looking back on these pictures makes me feel loved and I feel inspired by each and every one and it makes me want to take more selfies as I need to do another one of these posts with more pictures.

If you have any pictures with me in from recently events would you mine emailing them to me so I can update this post.

At the end of September when we were still on a high from BlogOnMSI we had a mini #BlogOff night which was 6 of us going out for tea and chatting. Putting the worlds to rights, catching up. Just being friends. I didn't get any pictures at this and I wasn't even going to blog about it but when speaking about Blogging friends, these kind of nights are important. It's not all about going to events to network. For me when you ask me how an event was I will tell you how much I enjoyed chatting to other bloggers. We had Wagamama's followed by cake and gin in Carluccio's and it was Aces!

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