Book Review - RSVP by Helen Warner

Thursday, October 13, 2016

I've hardly read any books in the past couple of months but one of the ones I really enjoyed was RSVP by Helen Warner. 

It centres around a group on Uni Friends who have gone their own  way after uni and follows up after they go to a reunion. One of them is getting married but who will actually marry? 

 Anna hasn't been able to move on after she caught her uni love in bed with a "friend", Claire is successful in her career but is looking for more, Toby has settled and is getting married, Ella is a successful author but her marriage to an older man is strained. It has all the hallmarks of a classic chick lit tale and it is one but the journey each person goes on was interesting if not a little predictable.

The main focus is on Anna who is a primary teacher who is invited to her Ex's wedding but isn't quite over him, Claire who she still lives with goes as her plus one and the story follows them as they go to the hen do and wedding and what comes after.

In some ways there are too many characters fighting to be main stage but they are all needed to make round everything off. I would also like to see this book redone from the other three main female points of view and learn more about their back stories.

Over all it a good 3.5* book. It's not classic literature but it's good quick read and perfect for curling  up in a chair with a hot drink and the fire on and losing a couple of hours.

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