Cinema Visit - The Odeon & Bridget Jones' Baby

Sunday, October 30, 2016

I'm posting this more as a memory than a review or anything else but I thought this was a good a place as any to save my memory.

I can't remember the last time I went to the cinema, I keep saying it was the very last Twilight movie but I might have been since then so don't quote me.

The town I live in lost it's only cinema back in 2005 when the local Roxy Closed and demolished a couple of years later. With plans to convert the old derelict town hall in to a cinema.

Eleven years later the Odeon opens it's doors in the old town hall to reveal a 7 screen cinema and I was looking forward to going. I booked for me and my mum to watch Bridget Jones Baby.

Many moons ago I had a cineworld card back when it was £10 a month for unlimited movies and made the trek to another town and I'm itching to sign up to the Limitless card Odeon offer. £17.99 for unlimited films. I'm going to hold off for this at the moment but I have signed up to Meerkat Movies which I'm hoping to try and use each week. In a couple of month I'm going to work out how much I'm spending the maybe sign up. So far I've also paid for my mums tickets so it might even be worth me paying for both of us to have an limitless card.  (Just thinking outloud)

Apologies for the photo's. A mix of phone photo's, night photography.

As mentioned the cinema is in the old town hall which has been renovated and is stunning. The front of the building is a Costa Coffee which has been fitted out really lovely and the staff were all really nice and once I'd paid I realised I could have also collected Odeon Premier points so I've kept my receipts! (I do enjoy a loyalty bonus)

 They have also added a glass extension and there will be restaurants on the outside but they are not quite ready (Next week hopefully)

We arrived an hour early and had a couple of drinks in the Costa, It was lovely sat in the corner watching people walking in.

Every person who walked in through the front door smiled as they walked in. They've kept a lot of the historical details but added enough elements to to make it modern, bright and a space you want to spend time in.

I'm in love with the neon signs they have denoting the shop and ticket office. Everything has been done really well and the staff we came across were all really friendly and helpful. 

I should probably tell you about the film as well, I guess it's only right to mention it. 

I think this Bridget Jones film is the best one, it really was a laugh a minute. I laughed so much that I cried. 

As you've probably guess Our Bridget is pregnant and doesn't know who the daddy is. Some of my highlights with out spoilers is the guy from Starbucks. The revolving doors near the end. Every time Emma Thompson is on screen. All of it! 

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