H&M Tassel Earrings

Tuesday, October 04, 2016

H&M Tassel Earrings

It's not that often I find myself feeling or being “On Trend”. I've recently been spotting people wearing earrings with tassels and I knew I wanted to be a part of it. 

Twitter is an amazing resource for getting recommendations. Rather than google I turned to social media and almost immediately I was pointed in the direction of H&M. 

There was a wide selection in store but most were a lot larger than I'd anticipated or were very heavy. 

H&M Tassel Earrings

As tassels are very much outside my comfort zone I wanted something unobtrusive and quite delicate.

I spotted this pair of gold earrings and liked that they were on the small side compared to the other earrings on offer and gold is a neutral and will work well with a lot of outfits. 

They were £5.99 and I'm hoping they will be comfortable to wear (i.e. I can keep them in for more than an hour) 

H&M Tassel Earrings

I have spotted another pair in black which are a bit more elaborate and heavier but they look amazing on everyone I’ve noticed wearing them.

What I’m really hoping for is that Primark have some, cheap and cheerful ones and I can buy all the things!

Have you spotted any Tasselled earrings and what do you think of this trend?

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  1. These are so cute and would look fab dressed up or down. Great find Steph.


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