I need your help! What's in a name?

Thursday, October 06, 2016

What's in a name? - Should I re-brand?

I've been toying with re-branding for well over a year. I think part of the reason I fell out of love with blogging is that I'm bored of being seeing spots, I feel like I've out grown it. It has no meaning any more. 

However I can't think of anything else I identify with. I have no fun or quirky names and I seem to lack imagination.

The obvious answer would be to change my blog name to my name but my name is long. 17 letters. I can barely spell it let alone type it successfully. I also don't like my name very much, there is also a lot of Steph's and Stephanie's in the blog o'sphere. Which seems odd as I only knew of two Stephanie's IRL  till I was about 25. One I was names after and another girl at my primary school. 

How did you choose your blog name, what do you think my new one should be? Can I even face a name change? 

I need a name change so it will be worth it but need to find something I love, that isn't taken and isn't too long. 

I'm just not cool enough for this name thing really so any idea's are welcome. I think if and when I do change it will be at the end of December start of January 2017 so no real rush.


I wrote the above before I went to Blog On during the first session by Michelle from The Joy Chaser I my have come up with an idea for a new name but I need your help.

Its by no means perfect and I need you to leave me a comment with the first three things you think of when you think of me.  

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