Lush Manchester Arndale - The Halloween Range

Sunday, October 09, 2016

If I had to name a company that have great seasonal products Lush would probably be at the top of my list. 

They change, develop as well as bringing back classics and it's always fun and exciting. I popped into the Lush store in Manchester Arndale. It's moved into a bigger unit across from it's previous location and the shop is so much easier to get around and the staff seem more relaxed and I didn't get pounced on which is my least favourite aspect of my usual Lush trips. 

Lush Manchester Arndale - Halloween Gifts

I was pleasantly surprised by the lack of glitter. As much as I like sparkles, I'm not a fan at bath time. There is still some from your inner magpie to enjoy but enough of a mix to keep us all happy.

Lush Manchester Arndale - Halloween

I'm loving the product displayed and everything about the Manchester Arndale store seems fresh and dare I say funky (I'm too old to use that word)

I picked up three items, Boo A bubble bar and cute as a button, this is flavoured (scented?) with things I don't like including ginger but together it smells amazing and if I didn't know better i'd think it was food. I also grabbed The Autumn Leaves bath bomb which I bought on the strength of an instagram video making it look oh so pretty. It also smells so fresh.

Lush Manchester Arndale - Pumpkin

My final item was one of the Pumpkin bath bombs, I loved the scent and they are very cute with their little faces smiling back at me.

I'm excited for the weather to turn and it become bath season so I can try all of these out.

What are you favourite Lush Halloween products? 

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