Sports Cam HD

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

I was looking for a Sports type camera to try and inject a bit of fun and life into my holiday vlog and I couldn't justify buying a Go Pro. When I asked for recommendations. Emma from The Cheshire Wife offered me this camera as a gift. 

I'm really looking forward to trying it out and I'm hoping to try it to film a lush bath bomb before I go away so if that works I'll insert a clip here but no doubt I'll forget. 

Inside the box you get a massive amount of accessories. I'm not sure I will use them all and I'm planning on only taking the minimum on holiday but I've listed before what you get from a listing on Amazon: 

1x Sport Camera
1xWaterproof Case
1xBase 1xProtective Door(notwaterproof)
1xBack Clamp
1xAdhesive Mount
1xBicycle Stand
3xSwitch Support
1xFixed Base
2x3M Adhesive Tape
1xWire Rope
1xData Wire
1xCleaning Cloth
1xUser Manual

The camera it's self is small and fairly light. The waterproof casing does add to the dimensions but it doesn't feel excessive and if it keeps the camera safe I can't complain. 

the case itself was tricky to open as it has a Z - locking mechanism but I watched a couple of YouTube videos and it's one of this when you know, you know type moments. 

The camera takes a micro SD card that isn't included but I have a number of micro SD cards that that wasn't an issue and they are readily available and I recently found 16GB ones in Asda for £5 each. Glad I stocked up (I bought 2, does that count as stocking up?) 

The charger is a Micro USB which is the same as most Android and Kindles and a charging cable is provided. 

I have tested it out in the bath with a Lush bath bomb. The lighting is terrible as it was dark outside but at least I know the case doesn't leak and I'm quite impressed.

I'm excited to try it on Holiday. As I type I have read the instructions. I've just plugged in a memory card and pressed record. I also don't know how to get the time and date off but I guess I need to get reading. 

The only thing I've noticed is the battery doesn't seem to last long, I'm not sure if I've accidentally left it switched on but I'm happy with the couple of test films I've recorded so far.  

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