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Wednesday, October 05, 2016

A little while again I bought a ASUS Transformer book for blogging on the go.

I set it up and and I may have downloaded a virus to it right away! Way to go. I closed it and left it!

But now i'm off on holiday and want to take it with me. I want to Blog while I'm there and I maybe want to film and edit videos. What do I do?

I'm currently downloading anti virus software but now I'm feeling extra cautious thinking every link I click is going to be dodgy.

I really need someone else to be in charge of my tech purchases and set up.

The anti virus is almost installed so I'm going to let that run and hope I haven't wasted my money on this kit.

I also need to work out a way of editing on the go, I only know windows movie maker and no idea what I can use.

it doesn't help that I'm not used to it and I'm getting random pop ups but saying asus offering me cloud storgae and to download drop box, all things I use n my main laptop but these look a little different. Are they spam? Who knows.

Ok anti virus is running. i'm going to bed and not going to worry or dwell on it too much.
PS if anyone has any idea where my ipod might be can you let me know!

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