The Collab Girlies - A Full Face For Under £20

Sunday, October 23, 2016

I'm starting a new Collab series on my YouTube Channel starting from today.

I don't know if we will be calling it The Collab Girlies but that is the name of the chat we have about it and I kinda like it.

Our first Collaboration was to create a full face of makeup for under £20. I assumed this would be easy and initially I planned to nip to Superdrug and buy all new but then I realised I own a tonne of make up and it would be silly to buy all new.

You could easily create a full face for under £20 but did initially struggle as I couldn't remember how much I'd paid for thing, some of the items I had as PR samples from events or prices have changed since I got them. I also missed out some bit of makeup I'd normally use as I didn't have a good value price. I did have a couple of things I had free from magazines or from beauty boxes but it seemed like a cheat.

I did wear this look for a Christening I went to on the day I filmed the video and I didn't add anything extra so I feel this worked out well and came in at around £19

Foundation - NXY Matt not flat £6.00 I do like this foundation but I find that as I put it on I get flakes out foundation but I can't work out if it's the foundation or sponge or what. I don't think I'd but it again but as an everyday foundation for work its not bad.

Powder - Essence powder - PR Sample but most powders are around £2. I don't think this is available any more but it's a nice powder and I've always liked essence powders.

Khol Me Beautiful Eye Pencil £1.00 Poundland -  A really great khol pencil. I'm really impressed with pencil and I prefer it to some more expensive eye pencils I've had before

Eyeshadow Make up Revolution Base! & Insomnia £1.00 each. Both of these are very shimmery but looked lovely on together and blended well.

Lipstick Essesnce Colour£2.29 each - In the video I said I thought these were £1.00 each but I think I was confusing them with the make up revoloution lipsticks. I did have this as a PR sample from an event but I googled the price. I thought this lipstick was a good colour to start transitioning into more autumnal colours without going very dark for daytime.

Rimmel Lash Tint Mascara £5.99 (RRP £7.99) - I bought this at an introductory price when it first came out and I do like it. It doesn't tint my lashes but works well as a day time mascara. I do think I need 2 coats to get decent coverage but I would but it again. I've working on not keeping a huge number of mascara's as at one point I had around 15! Not all open, I've got it down to around 6 but the others are clinique and NYX and I think this was the cheapest one I have. One of my favourite cheap mascara's is from Primark and I keep meaning to buy another one but my aim to keep my numbers low has stopped me.

You will need to excuse how tired I look but I am really pleased with the look, even though I would normally wear more make up and attempt to tame my brows I was happy to go out wearing this make up.

Don't forget to watch my YouTube video and check out everyone else who is taking part. Links are in the YouTube Down bar

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