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Sunday, October 16, 2016

A couple of weekends ago I went to #BlogOnMSI in Manchester and I decided to make a weekend of it and stay over. I thought I’d share the makeup I took with me.

I’m trying to not over pack when I go away for short breaks and even fortnight holidays. Even though I want everything with me I know I won’t use half the products I take with me so I feel like I’ve choosen wisley this time.
This make up was to cover a Saturday night out and the event on Sunday.

Eye Makeup

Kohl Me Beautiful – Brown eyeliner – I picked this up in Pound land a while ago and it’s a really nice eyeliner for soft smoky eyes and I prefer it to some dearer brown lines that I’ve tried.
Kat Von D – Tattoo Eyeliner – This is new to me and I haven’t tried it as I type but from swatching it, I like how thin a line I managed to achieve on the back of my hand
Essence long lasting Black Eye Pencil – I’ve not used this for a while, but I like how this looks on me.
Eyelure Mid Brown Eyebrow Gel – My brows are a little on the wild side and this helps to tame them, it also fills in the colour without the need for pencil as well
Maybelline Crème de rose colour tattoo -  when I bought this I intended to use it as a base under other eyeshadows but more often than not I went it on its own with liquid (felt tip) eyeliner.
Tanya Burr Hollywood Palette – The perfect Christmas party palette. It has 3 fairly neutral shades and one shimmery old gold shade. I’m really impressed with the quality of these shadows and as the event has a festive them I thought it was the time to use it.
Rimmel Volume Colourist Mascara -  It claims to tint your lashes and while I don’t feel like it’s made any difference to my lashes, which admittedly are naturally dark. It’s a good day time mascara and is easy to build up without getting clumpy.

Face Products

Maybelline Eye Eraser concealer – Over the past 18 months I’ve used two or three of these and recently I’ve been missing it. I have managed to use up two of my other concealers so it’s time to reopen this and see if I still enjoy using it.
Botanics Radiance Balm – If I’m honest I’m not really sure how a radiance balm works or what it does, but this smells nice and I’m using it as a primer / base before foundation.
Nars Orgasm – I only crack this out for special occasions and I don’t know as it’s a really great blusher for me. I will have to start using it more often.
Nude Magique BB Powder -  I feel like I’m always really negative about this powder and never look forward to using it but yet I’m still using it. I don’t feel the need to use something else. I don’t know if this is because I’ve got my project pan hat on (I’m not panning this but I do feel more inclined to try and use up products) Or if it’s because I can see the shadow of pan slowly emerging. I don’t think I’d buy it again but it’s not awful (Glowing review there)
Nude Magique Cushion Foundation – Initially I didn’t like this but I’ve changed the way I apply it to using a dry beauty blender and a dabbing motion and I like it. I feel that it is a very wet formula and that I need to leave it to set for a few seconds before I apply any other products.
Milani Hermosa rose illuminating powder – The nude magique foundation is a little bit light so I like to use this to warm me up a bit.

Lip Products

Revlon Balm stain in Honey – I’m so close to finishing this product I’m keeping it with me at all times. Not using it that often but I’m sure in the next week or two it will be finished. This is a great colour and really easy to apply on the go.
Revlon Lip Butter in Candy Apple – Another product I’m trying to use up this year and it’s a really nice red, it goes on sheer but can be built up and I like wearing it for nights out.

Revlon Lip Butter in Pink Truffle -  My current favourite lip colour. This is a good day time colour for me and I’ve been enjoying wearing it. 

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