Holiday Paperbacks - Lanzarote 2016

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Despite buying a new kindle earlier this year I will always prefer a paper book. When I went on holiday last month I loaded up my kindle with books I wanted to read and a few free / Kindle unlimited books. 

I did read a few books on the kindle but paper still wins and luckily my complex had two book cases so every day I checked the book cases and I worked my way through a total of 18 books with only 4 or 5 of them being on my kindle. 

What the kindle was good for was reading in bed as it has a backlight. But on my sun lounger paper was easier for me to read. 

I've done my usual BookTube video but as I didn't have any of the books to show I thought I'd do a post about some of the books I remembered to take a picture of. 

The Tresspass - Barbra Ewing (spoilers - sorry) 

I butchered the description of this book in my video and think I said the wrong plot. This book covers the story of a young girl who is the daughter of a Lord and is separated from her disabled sister when the cholera epidemic during the Victorian Era in London. She's sent to live with her cousins in the country and away from her controlling father. While away she starts to teach her cousin to read and learns and older cousin plans to emigrate to New Zeland and she wants to do the same with her sister to get away from their father. 

In the story her older sister passes away and her father basically drags her home and wants the daughter to become The mistress of the house and all that entails (wifely duties) 

The book was hard going, covering difficult topics but there was so much going on, two brothers who really didn't need to be mentioned at all. lots of cousins and wedding. I feel like they needed to concentrate on other parts of the story and cut the bumpt. 

There were some really great potential storylines they could have used such as 2 workers who asked for help writing letters. A cab driver and book seller who knew the elder  sister. 

I feel like I want to know more about the people who only had bit parts and I didn't really care about the cousins wedding. 

I really wasn't a fan of this book. 

The Little Shop of Happy Ever After - Jenny Colgan

If you've seen my video you might notice I looked a bit blank as in my notes I'd given this 4 stars but I didn't have a  clue or even remember the book.

I often make little notes about books I read in a month and stick them on a post it inside the cover to jog my memory when I do the book tube videos but as I was away all I did was write the title and a rating down.

This book was actually a very nice read.

Shy and introverted girl buys a van to turn into a mobile book shop, girl is refused a parking permit in Birmingham so moved to the town in Scotland where she bought the van from and makes a lovely life for herself.

Lots of classic chick lit moment, but a fun and sweet read and well worth reading.

 The Narrows - Michael Connelly

The Poet is back, Bosh is retired, Rachel The FBI agent is called in to observe,  Bosh is engaged by his ex-partners wife to investigate his death and everything become tangled together.

I've read a lot of the Michael Connelly books but most of them are quite old this was was 2004 which for me is quite modern (I think I don't keep track really)

I really enjoyed this book, I felt like I was watching it rather than reading it.

 10 Reasons not to fall in love - Linda Green

This was a really enjoyable read, fairly predictable but a nice journey to get to what we all knew would happen. It also features one of the best place I've ever been. Eureka the children museum in Halifax. It was a long time since I've been but it was such a good day out  

I love books that feature places I know, especially when they are ace places.

The book centres around a single mum who is a TV Journalist who is going back to work after 2 years maternity leave. Her new boss happens to be her ex and she's become the "And Finally" girl at the end of the news. This does lead to some cracking laughs.

I'm going away again in December and need some more book recommendations.

I don't really I should just read whats on my kindle

Send me recommendations :) 

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