November 2016 - Empties - Another Month, Another Mascara!

Sunday, November 27, 2016

I've been consistently filming my empties over on my Youtube Channel but I think I'm also going to start blogging them as well. Is this something you're interested in reading? 

I know empties videos and posts are a bit of blogging marmite. I personally like watching and reading them. If someone can get to the end of a product then I think you can get a true impression of if you'd like the product. 

I've often bought an item based on someones empties video, even if it wasn't something they loved. The way they described it and how they said it worked for them and knowing why things works for me made me try a couple of products so I wouldn't worry about saying something isn't good for you. If you say why. 

I know when I filmed these empties I said I didn't like the product on me and I didn't really explain why or what it was like so this post is going to try and remedy that.

The Products

Bath Products

Now winter (ok, ok I know it's still autumn) I take a lot of baths, mainly because we only have hot water when we have the heating on (boiler won't do hot water only) and this month I've used up three products.

Bath Bomb -  I picked this up from The Curve Fashion Festival and it was very nice, I wouldn't say it was the best bath bomb I've ever used and I have three more of these to use. I wouldn't go out of my way to track down the seller to buy more but if I did come across them again I'd probably buy a few more. I think these were £1 each so are very good value.

Bath Salts -  I've done myself a mischief and hurt my neck and back, meaning I've turned to bath salts to try and help ease and relax my pain levels and I've enjoyed using these. The black packet are Therapie Roques O'Neil and this size pack (100g) retails for £10 which is a lot of money. This came in one of the many Latest in Beauty boxes I've bought over the last couple of years. I'd put off using them as it made it sound like you'd be covered in a layer of salt that needed to be brushed down but that wasn't the case. They smelt amazing but for the price I don't think I would buy them myself but they were lovely and relaxing and they dissolved quickly in the bath water.

The larger pack are from TK Maxx and cost £3.95 for 1kg which I think is much better value. I've had a look on the Westlab website and they retail for £5.99, however they are being sold on ebay for £12.99. These dissolved well and I did feel very relaxed.  We've bought a couple more pack from the same brand but different types of salt but I will be picking up another bag of the epsom salts at weekend.

Shower Gel 

Is it just me who feel like shower gel lasts for ages then you use two up at once? This seems to always happen to me.

Original Source - Sweet Apple and Vanilla Milk - This was part of a gift swap and isn't a scent I'd have chosen for myself but I adored this. It made my skin feel lovely and salt and the scent reminds me of milk bottle sweets with a lovely light apple aroma.

Imperial Leather Fruit Chew - I am loving these imperial leather shower gels at the moment I've tried a couple from the swizzels inspired range and this really does smell like fruit salad chews.

Hair Products

If you've watched any of my empties videos you will notice a hair product theme, a type of product that pops up pretty much every month and that is dry shampoo. I never used to use it but this year I've got lazy and now I only wash my hair about twice a week. I could do with washing it daily but I've come to depend on my dry shampoos.

Elnet hairspray - This little tin has lasted me well, it came from a beauty box and as someone who rarely used hair spray it's been a great addition. Small enough not to take up much space but handy to have in. It worked well and always handy to have.

Batiste - I prefer the fresh over the blush scent, but both worked well for me and as I'm using it so often I always have a couple of these can on hand. I've been buying them from home bargains but i've noticed in boots a lot of the cans have had a bit of a redesign.

Aussie Winter Hair 3 min miracle - Another disappointment. I found this quite drying on my hair. It's not terrible but as someone who has dry hair I though a this hair mask would make it more oily but it seemed to feel quite dry but also really nice and shiny which is a real contradiction. Over all I'd say I wasn't keen. The scent is different form the original three min miracle but it smells nice and you can tell it's an aussie product. If one of these arrived in a beauty box i'd use it but I wouldn't go out of my way to pick one up.

The Others

John sons Cotton Bud - It's probably time I stopped mentioning these and there is rarely a month that goes by that these are a staple and they are worth buying over own brand ones.

PS...Love This Oval Cosmetic Pads - I've been buying these for a while and they are fine. 90p for a pack of 100 which I think is good value. I do prefer the oval pads over cotton rounds. I wouldn't say they are a holy grail item but I will rebuy them.

Vaseline Intensive Care Spray Moisturiser - This is a bit mixed for me as I hated the scent. The moisturising part well but I was reluctant to use very often as I couldn't get on with the strong scent.


Boots No 7 Dramatic Lift Mascara  - I was a little disappointed in this. It was a little dry and I only got about 3 weeks use out of it before if felt like I wasn't picking up any product on to the wand. I'm not sure if mine was bad or if i'd opened it when I first bought it and it dried up but I didn't have a great experience with it.

What products havee you used up this month?

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