#ZoellaBookClub Autumn Books - First Impressions

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

I really enjoyed the first set of books from the Zoella Book Club back in Summer. I've still got a couple of them still to read but I'm happy with the selection. I decided to get the Autumn collection almost without reading what the books where and in some ways this may have been a mistake. On the other hand I've always wanted to buy a book wrapped in brown paper and not know what it is. 

It was £35 for 8 books which is more than I'd normally pay for a book. I'm a charity shop book shopper but this works out as a good saving on RRP and WH Smiths usual prices / current offers. 

Another reason I ordered this collection is because I'd spotted there is a Girl Gang Book Club on twitter and the first book was A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness. This isn't a book I'd have looked twice at and I'd just seen the trailer for the movie the day before and thought it was for a horror film! 

The Books: 
Sophie Kinsella - Finding Audrey: My initial thoughts are I'm not excited. I've not enjoyed any other Sophie Kinsella book I've read in the past. The blurb sounds interesting.it sounds like Audrey has agoraphobia and her brothers friend tries to  bring her back to the outside world. 

Paige Toon - The One We Fell In Love With: I've read a few Paige Toon Books but off the top of my head I can't remember them, but I think I enjoyed them, So I'm looking forward to reading this. Three very different women have one thing in common a man, they all fell in love with. 

Gayle Forman - I was Here: These seems like it will be a tough book, it deals with the aftermath of suicide and I think it will be an interesting book. I don't think I will find it easy to read. 

Alex Bell - Frozen Charlotte: On the back of the book it has a warning "Not for young readers" I'm 35 and I had chills reading the blurb. An old boarding school is now a private house that the main character gets sent to live in with her cousins, plus one cousin who shouldn't be there because they have died. Ekkkk I will read it but I used to struggle with Point Horror. I'm scared already. Plus I think Pot Dolls feature and if they aren't straight from the world of the dead I don't know what is! 

Rachel Cohn & David Levithan - The Twelve Days of Dash & Lily: This book really doesn't appeal when I read the blurb. Lily has lost her Christmas spirit when her grandad falls ill. Her boyfriend teams up with a host of friends to get her grove back (grove back really??) I didn't get an overwhelming feeling either way with this. 

Sue Wallman -  Lying about last summer:  Another one with a horror / thriller vibe. still grieving for her sister her parents think Skye will benefit from attending a summer camp for bereaved teenagers. When she starts getting text from her dead sister. I'm intrigued. I didn't get the chills like I did with some of the others. I am looking forward to reading this. 

Meredith Russo - If I was your girl: Amanda has a secret and the whole school is about to find out. I'm looking forward to to this one. The cover is also very metallic which appeals to my inner magpie. 

Patrick Ness - A Monstser Calls: The only one of the books I've read. I'm part way though  a review post that will be up after 22nd when the #GGBookClub chat is. It's safe to say I loved this book. It covers a hard topic but it's up there with the best books of the year for me. 

I've also made a video on my YouTube Channel and I'd love it if you'd check it out 

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