#Blogmas2016 | Gran Canaria 20 Years Later

Saturday, December 17, 2016

This is going to be a bit of a ramble down memory lane so feel free to step away now but before you go, click on a few other pages to help the old bounce rate.

Its roughly 20 years since I first visited Gran Canaria whe I was 13 or 14 years old. We came for a week and it was an allocation on arrival break. We stayed in an complex called Babalu and a couple of nights ago we drive past it in a taxi and it looks exactly the same. I've been told they've changed the lift from a funicular to a regular up and down lift. (Pulls a funny face, Does that make any sense?)

That holiday was one of the best of my life, I made friends with a girl called Becki and we spend days doing handstands in the pool then lying on her balcony using carrot oil when we thought the parents wern't looking. By night we were given some money and we went dancing and drinking Caribbean Twist type alcho pop in a bar called Hippodome (now Yates) in the Europa Centre. Dancing to Spice Girls wanna be and other classic tunes.

We kept in touch and I went back to Babalu in the school holidays with Becki and her dad where we followed the same pattern, I read Train Spotting the book and we danced and drank our summer away. This might seem odd at 14 we were easily served in pubs and clubs but it felt real and grown up and our parent were cool with it and compared to our peers we were fairly tame. Sadly we fell out on that holiday and had no contact afterwards. We had some amazing times and spent most of those six weeks holidays together. I had a ten days in Sheffield with her and she visited where I live the we had the fortnight in Gran Canaria together.

I then  visited the Island around another ten times. All bar one time at the top of the hill in Puerto Rico and I had some fun times. We then stopped coming to the Island, One of the  reasons was cost. We went through a good 6 years of doing private rentals and the cost of flights to GC was huge compared to other places. We've bounced from Fueteventura to Lanarote for the past few years with a side trip to Tenerife with my friend Nat.

A few weeks ago we were looking for a weekend in Liverpool but for an extra few (hundred) pounds and a re-jig of my holiday allocation we managed to get a week in Gran Canaria. This time we decided to stay at the bottom of the hill and I'm glad we have as it's felt like a totally different resort. We've been very tame and been  home before out short cut gate closes at 23.45 and the first night we were in bed before 7pm (we were tired)

This holiday for me has been restorative, catching up on sleep. getting a tan and even if I do say so myself I've got a decent colour. Even my feet look brown. I've got an epic amount of inset bites. I don't remember getting bites here before but it's been a good nine if not ten years since our last visit. The rose tinted specs may be on.  

We are creatures of habit and may have only been in three bars and two restaurants but this week has bee just when I've needed. We've been to the beach three times and neither of us are beach lovers. Give me a pool any day of the week but it's been amazing and I know I use that word far too much.

Our hotel is behind the main commercial centre and there is a gate out to a path that runs along side it so it's only a five minute walk away. It's not noisy at night despite being so close and the hotel has free wifi that works in the room. It actually works better in the room than the public areas which is a novelty but a good one. It's meant I've kept up with Blogmas with out it impacting on the break as I've blogged if I've wanted to, I didn't even really need to write this as I should be home or almost home as this goes live but I've got the time and the wifi so why not!

My love of Gran Canaria has been rekindled and we've been talking about booking another break for next year.

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  1. Not been on many holidays abroad, but must be lovely having such fond memories that you go back x


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