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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Nuxe products, Clinique, Bare minerals skin care in deluxe sample sizes

For this holiday in Gran Canaria (where I am blogging from my balcony - I'm amazes by the speed of the wifi) I've brought a selection of mini products which I've collected from beauty boxes over the past few months)

I am a user of wipes and when I go away I always buy Barbaria wipes from the local supermarket as they are the best I've ever used and make my face feel really clean. I use them when I get back from a night out and in the mornings for a quick clean.

To supplement the wipes I use a selection of other products while I have a shower. For this trip I've brought the Nuxe honey face wash and facial exfoliators. I'v also brought the Nuxe body exfoliator which I will use every other day to get rid of the build up of sun creams and get rid of dead skin.

Before I use the wipes at night I will use the Clinique Take The Day off eye make up remover. This is oil based and gets rid of the most stubborn eye makeup easily

In the last Love Me Beauty Box I got a Bare Minerals serum. I've used this for the first time today and it made my skin feel great.

For moisturisers I've brought Clinique Day and Night creams. Both of these work well for my skin and while  I don't always feel like I need a night cream on holiday I felt this was small enough to justify brining.

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