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Friday, December 16, 2016

Manchester Christmas Markets Santa 2016

A little bit of festive cheers after yesterday after yesterdays holiday post. I visited this markets a couple of weeks ago with a few of my friends. We had a wander round a number of the markets Starting in Exchange Square, working out way over to St Annes Sq via the bottom of Market Street then over to Albert Square before ending the night via King Street in the bar between Selfridges and Harvey Nicholls. 

Hand made soaps and soap filled sponges

I need to try and find the name of the above soap stall, the sold soap sponges which is something I've heard of but never tried before and I know wish I'd bought. The sponge is infused with soap and thye can be use lots of times, They also sold bath bombs and soaps. 

Marshmallow and chocolate treats

One of the many highlights of the markets is the range of food. I loved the look of this stall with all it's treats and I bought a giant chocolate roll (think supersized mini roll) coated in chocolate and marshmallow. They also seem a wide range of treats A lot of it is sold by weight which is something to look out for but the do have a range of things with prices which is what i'd aim for.  

Lights, lamps

Another stall that caught my eye was this one full of lanterns. I adore these types of lights and my house would be filled with them if I could get away with it. 

I love the festive markets and it does get really busy but for me that adds to the atmosphere. While I hate being pushed along in Albert square there are lot of markets within Manchester city centre and it;s often worth going midweek but if you can only make a weekend check out some of the smaller side makets rather than the main squares. 

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  1. I missed the markets this year. Busy life, flu...everything got in the way :(
    Even though they are manic I do like a mosey round to get me feelin' festive!

  2. I love Manchester and still haven't been to any of the markets. I will need to this year! x


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