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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

The Collab Girlies Secret Santa

For the last couple of years, I’ve been taking part in a secret Santa with a group of North West Blogging friends. We use Elfster to do the draw. This is a website where you sign up and then it emails you your person so someone doesn’t have to co-ordinate allocating people and chasing up addresses. For me it’s always worked out well and I’ve had some lovely gifts in the past.

The Collab Girlies Secret Santa
This year my gifts arrived fairly early in December and I’m a big kid and can’t wait to open gifts. Even if they had said wait till Christmas I would have disobeyed. I managed to wait two days and that was only because I decided to film opening them and I needed daylight. You can watch my reaction video on my youtube channel if fancy it. 

The Collab Girlies Secret Santa

I was really overwhelmed, not only by the sheer number of items in my package but the care and attention to me that my Santa has taken.

 I hope my Santa stuck to budget and I’m hoping I send an Okay gift to my person. I know they have been received but not sure if they have opened them or not. 

What did I get? 
·        2 x  Lipgloss – These are both really lovely shades. I haven’t tried these as yet but going to try them this coming week. 
·        2 x Nail Polish, a very festive red glitter and a super sparkly purple. 
·        A bronzer and highlighter duo
·        Watercolour Pencils
·        An Art Therapy colouring book
·        Flutter Lip Balm
·        A Novel
·        Cadbury’s Roses Chocolates

Thank you Santa, you have really taken time to think about what I like and I love everything I’ve been sent. 

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