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Sunday, December 04, 2016

Hello December and goodbye November? Did you enjoy November? If you asked me a few days ago I’d have said no, It was rubbish but I’ve sat down and done myself a spider diagram and it was a pretty decent month.

There was a huge bump in the middle that made it terrible. This was my gran cutting open her leg and bleeding all over her house. No exaggeration that there was blood on every surface, every wall has had to be repainted, every carpet has had to be replaced and my mum has done a major declutter. There is so much stuff in her house. She even still had her land girl hand book! Not sure she’ll be being called up any time soon.

Another negative is work has been busy and stressful but I don’t talk about work here but there is a clip in the video that directly relates to a specific day at work. It the only clip I’m actually in so you’ll know which one it is and it sums my work moth up. So make sure you watch the video.
I had a fun work night out at Junk Yard Golf, I even got a hole in one! Followed by a meal at Pizza express.

I also signed up for 3 secret santa’s and I’m excited to send off my gifts and one of my presents have arrived.

I managed to read three book, all young adult and I did enjoy them. There will be a post and a vlog about them in the coming week.

I have also been to the cinema 4 times and I have to say 3 out of 4 films were ace. The Girl on the Train, A Street Cat Named Bob and the Accountant are all worth a watch. I can’t say I enjoyed A United Kingdom. The reviews looks great but for me nothing happened, there was a lot of longing and brooding looks. Lots of staring out in to crowds. It wasn’t for me at all.

I’ve got myself a new guilty pleasure and it’s good to know I’m not alone in this as facebook gives me notifications to show my friends also have the same one. It’s watching Pearl Lady. Also known as Perfectly Precious Pearls. It’s addictive. If you have kids and they like watching shopkins (insert your own blind bag toy here) openings well this is the grown up version and you will know what you kids love about blind openings. I’m not a lover of pearls and I doubt very much I’d try and make a purchase but I’m hooked on watching.

The weather has to get a special mention as well, Rain, Snow, Sunshine. It's been an odd month for weather and the video captures some of the weather I've encountered. This months video is also mainly commuting but that is my life. Me and MCRMetrolink are BFFs on twitter. They are in my top friends list every week! I've even take to sending them GIFs. 

My final positive for November is that I’m back in love with twitter. I’ve been interacting more. Tweeting more. I’ve done a few twitter chats. I’ve felt so much love and positivity from that platform this month. I’ve also realised I had notifications set to followers only so I was missing out on things!

Please make sure you give the video a little watch. It’s only 60 seconds long and if you enjoy it I’ve got a play list on my you tube channel with all the other ones I’ve made. 

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