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Thursday, December 15, 2016

I'm currently in Gran Canaria with my mum for a weeks pre-Christmas break and I'm loving being back on the Island after about ten years break.

I'd forgotten how much I love it here, we're staying in Peurto Rico and it's the resort i've been too about ten times if not more.

For this post I want to talk about a resort about 30 mins away by bus. Or  a 1.55 euro bus ride. It's quite a hair raising bus ride around the rugged coast line but it's well worth the trip.

Peurto or Playa (as we only visited the beach side) Mogán is a small former harbour resort which is a little beauty. Not only is it pretty it has a really wonderful beach and as someone who usually avoids the beach I spent a full and happy day on the beach and even swam in the sea 3 times, 

Pearls, Holiday, shopping

There are lots of shops including one of my favourite clothes shops Encurentro, a Funde Grube and Allkauf as well as the usual sea side shops selling buckets, spades and inflatable crocodiles.

We only had a quick wander round before settling ourselves on the beach. We paid for two sunbeds and a brollie and it cosr 9 euros which isn't bad as another beach costs 12.

Playa Mogán beach Gran Canaria

The beach has blue flag status  and it's easy to see why. the water is crystal clear and I'm hoping that i've gone some decent in the sea footage from my Sports Cam. 

The water felt cool to get in but no colder than most pools but it was so relaxing bobbing about in the sea and it feels really safe. There are life guards and there is a barrier so you can only swim out so far and a cordoned off area for pedalos. I also noticed at the far end of the beach near where the water sport section was there were a few beach wheelchairs allow people to go in the sea. The board walk also had a designated wheelchair parking space at the end of it which isn't something i've seen before. 

Playa Mogán Gran Canaria

I've only even been to Mogán once before around eleven years ago on a Market day and it was a little too much for me, I also thought of it as quiet with not much going on but we've been sat here planning a trip to stay there for a week or ten days at some point next year.

Playa Mogán Gran Canaria. Paddling in the sea

I feel like our days of not visiting Gran Canaria are over and expect to be back at least once next year.

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