2017 Goals Check in - 2 Weeks Later

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Mid January blog goals check in

·         Consistency – This hasn’t really happened yet. I’ve only been blogging once or twice a week and I’ve not found what works for me re-post days yet.
    • Plan of action: Get some posts scheduled and pick the days for posting
·         Engagement &Readership – This I’ve done. I’ve got better scheduling posts and I’m joining in comment hops etc to promote my blog. I’ve been getting comments and I’ve been replying to comments.
    • Plan of action: carry on

·          Replying to Comments – So far, I’m up to date. I’ve been trying to reply within 48 hours and I’m using my tram journeys to do some social media admin type work.
·          Build my audience – I’ve almost hit my January targets for followers which is amazing. I now need to make sure these people are watching and like what I put out
    • Plan of action: Look at YT analytics to see what people like and engage with.
·          Reduction in posting – I had decided to only post twice a week but I’ve had enough videos to put three up a week so far and will have for all of January.
    • Plan of action: Aim for 2 a week but 1 or 3 is fine

Social Media
·         ·         Growth – I have set targets for the end of 2017. I did this by looking at my average growth for the past two years, then in most cases round up to the next nearest 50 or 100. I then got all geeky and broke down work out the numbers I need to grow by on each platform by months to meet the targets and I’m splitting it down further to weekly targets. On everything apart from YouTube I’ve already (as of 15th January 2017,) exceeded my target for January. So as long as I don’t lose too many followers I can concentrate on some of the other areas such as joining in Twitter chats.
    • Plan of action: carry on as I have been doing.
·         ·         Google Plus – I have been using G+. I have been +1’ing posts. Sharing my posts in communities. Trying to leave comments on there. I have also been sharing scheduled messages to it.
    • Plan of action: Look up some G+ etiquette guide lines.  
·         ·         Interaction – I do feel like I’ve had a pretty good week for interacting. I haven’t taken part in twitter chats but I have been responding to comments and commenting back so I’m happy.
    • Plan of action – Join in some twitter chats

·         ·         See my friends more – I haven’t seen anyone yet, but I’ve got a weekend away booked in March & plans to go to a wedding with another friend and a tentative date booked in for January payday
    • Plan of action: Firm up a date for meeting up.
·         ·         Go back to the gym – Nope, nada nothing to see here.
    • Plan of action: Go to the bloody Gym!
·         ·         New Job – No even looked yet
    • Plan of action: Google Jobs Manchester.
·         ·         Read more – I’ve read a book so far it was from Net Gally
·         ·         Start a 2nd blog- I had already done this and I’ve done 2 posts so far.
    • Plan of action: Write some more posts

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  1. I've made some goals this year too but I don't think im achieving much. Lovely to see you are on your way to achieve your goals

    1. Thank you, good luck with your aims. It's only January, plenty of time to go. Small steps. I've only really focused on one area in January. I've been making February plans which I'll post next week but taking it a month at a time xx

  2. I think you have made some great progress in your goals, and I like how you have broken them down into different categories for both your life and your blog including sub categories for your blog.

  3. Good luck with achieving your goals - some of mine I'm doing well on but others I'm failing at! x

  4. I love these posts, good luck with your goals, I need to get involved in twitter chats x

  5. Good luck with all of your 2017 goals! It can be tough to keep up with it all, but I love the way you organised it all. x

  6. You are doing great with your goals. Growing my social media following is one of my goals too.

  7. I love this because it is somehow celebrating the mini successes you already have this year. Consistency sure is the toughest sometimes but ones you relax, unwind your mind, and start organized and refresh, you'll get the hang of it :)


  8. It is nice to get consistency but think it's hard - things come up. I envy bloggers who choose set days. I'm still trying to make sure i blog once or twice a week - so far i've done that but struggle to have set days like many bloggers x

  9. You've done quite a lot within 2 weeks, don't push yourself too much though, it still needs to be fun x

  10. Wow these are fabulous goals and it looks like you are well on the way to hitting them. I definitely need to do more on google+ and learn the etiquette too x

  11. Consistiency can definitely be a difficult goal to maintain but once you get the hang of it you will smash your goals. Good luck xx

  12. Good on you for all youve achieved so far. Its hard to juggle every goal but you've definitely made some great progress xxx

  13. So great that you've almost reached your January targets! Seems like you're doing really well on that front :)

  14. Loads of great goals there. You are doing better than me at answering comments I sometimes take ages to answer mine.

  15. Good you are keeping an eye on your goals. Good luck with them.


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