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Wednesday, February 08, 2017

Have Best Cat Print Backpack from TK Maxx

My favourite style of bag

When it comes to every day bags I have always favoured a backpack / rucksack style bag and while I’m at it I’m in favour of wearing it on both shoulders. I picked up this Have Best bag from TK Maxx last weekend for £12.99. There was no RRP and that is one of the things I always like to check for when I buy at TK Maxx. I love a bargain, it’s in my nature to always check to see if I am getting a good deal.

Have Best Cat Print Backpack from TK Maxx


 When I was at school it was all about the backpack and you could only wear it on one shoulder and there was also an awful trend of used the opposite strap to the shoulder you wore it on. Remember that?! Is it any wonder there are so many 30 somethings with sore backs (that I know)! Did anyone else do that?

Carry my life with me

I like to carry my life with me so I need a decent sized bag and as a rule I like a lot of pockets especially an internal pocket to keep my tram pass and house keys in. This backpack has a large padded pocket that will be good when I need to bring home my work lap top. I do try and avoid that at all costs but that’s the reason they’ve given me one.

Have Best Cat Print Backpack from TK Maxx

It’s the inside that counts

There is also a good sized front pocket but no inside mobile phone pocket or zip compartment which I hadn’t noticed. It’s not a huge problem but the bags I have been using both had these and I did use them so it’s a case of adjusting where I keep things.  

Getting caught in the rain

The fabric is oil cloth and I can confirm it is water resistant as I got caught in a heavy rain on my way home on Monday night. It is quite reminiscent of Cath Kidston bags, however when you look at the ones ok the website now you can quite easily tell them apart.

Have Best Cat Print Backpack from TK Maxx

Other options

They did have a few different prints in TK Maxx last week. Including Sausage dog, floral as well this cats bag. I did think about this purchase for a week as I’m trying to get a more serious work wardrobe but I thought about this bag every day and knew was going to get it if they still had them in stock.

I love the colours, the print. If I can't have a real cat. I can have a cat backpack! It's comfy to carry and I can fit a lot in it. Yes I would prefer an inside zip pocket but for £12.99 I'm more than happy with my new bag. 

Have Best Cat Print Backpack from TK Maxx

Do you have a preferred style of day bag?

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  1. I have to have a large bag, I really do cart my life around with me. I love that this is waterproof and wipe clean.

  2. Ooo think looks like the Kath Kidson one that my friend has. I carry my life with me too! I don't think I could cope without an inside pocket though. I'm ALWAYS losing my phone.


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