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Saturday, February 11, 2017

Waterstones Stationery Sale, N is for Notes, Note book, Letter Writing Set, Book Marks

My Main Weakness

One of my main weaknesses is stationery. The number of notebooks that I own is ridiculous. I do use a number of them, however, there is a vast proportion of them which are far too pretty to ever spoil with ink.

Secondary Weakness

If you are a regular visitor it will be no surprise that another great love of mine is a bargain. If it’s meant to be they will reduce it and there will be an extra discount on top. I mean some things are just meant to be. Don’t get me wrong, if I need something or can’t live without an item. I am willing to spend good money.

Accidentally Finding the Sales Section

In the next few weeks, I’m going to be doing a book swap with a few of the girls who are part of the Collab Girlies Series over on YouTube so I popped to Waterstones to get some ideas and bumped, literally into a table full of reduced items. Some of the items were a little random, to say the least, others were still expensive but I grabbed a couple of little beauties and only spent around £5.00.

So Tweet

My first and easiest item to pick out were the packs of bird shaped sticky notes. I love sticky notes and go through lots of them. They had been reduced to 90p and I think they are adorable. These will get used as well.  

Waterstones Stationery Sale, N is for Notes, Note book, Letter Writing Set, Book Marks

How much would you pay for a bookmark?

I have a confession to make, I’m a page folders! I own book marks but I often lose them or forget to use them. On the sale table, there was a vast number of Mr Men and Little Miss book marks as well as the Waldo one pictured. This one really tickled me and as they had been reduced to 50p, thought I’d get a couple as they could be held back for a gift. These went through the till at a whole one pence! The girl on the till looked a little perplexed and after staring for a good ten seconds and then did a little shoulder shrug, and carried on scanning.

Getting overcharged

The 1p bookmark was a lovely surprise, however, these bargains did throw her tilling up abilities out of sync.

I’d also picked up the N is for Notes notebook and a floral letter writing set each had a sticker price of at £1.50, but she put them through reducing each by £1.50 off the RRP, instead of the real price.

Over all, I should have paid £4.82 and it was just over £5.00. I thought about querying it but the receipt was confusing. I also thought they might make me pay the other 98p for the bookmarks so I kept quiet! 

Waterstones Stationery Sale, N is for Notes, Note book, Letter Writing Set, Book Marks

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