What's in my Makeup Bag | February 2017

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Weekly Makeup bag

This year instead of doing a year-long pan challenge I’m planning to change the items in my “on the go makeup bag” every few weeks.

I theory I should have time to do my makeup at home before work and I did start doing my makeup took box series on YouTube. However, over the past few weeks, I’ve been finding sleep is winning and I’ve gone back to on the commute makeup session.

The Bag

My makeup back is from Primark and it was £3, I love the rose gold glitter look, but what I like even more is that the glitter is enclosed in plastic so there is no trail left behind. What sold this to me was the star on the zip closure. I also like the shape of the bag and it holds more than I expected.

Face Products

Primer – Laura Mercier Foundation Primer  

One of my favourite primers, it makes my skin feel nice and helps keep my foundation in place all day. It’s not a cheap option and I’ve been lucky to have had a few from beauty boxes. I am tempted buy it full priced but there are so many other things to try.

Foundation – Collection Lasting Perfection

I’ve almost decluttered this about 3 times, but every time I decide to give it another chance I start to like it again. It’s one I will only use for a couple of weeks at a time to prevent boredom. I do think I’m close to finishing this. It is quite full coverage and blends but the colour match isn’t quite there. Say that this is the third one of these I’ve bought and I would buy it again in the future.

Concealer - Maybelline  The Eye Eraser

This is a favourite under eye concealer. It’s one I go back to repeatedly. The downside of this product is that it only comes in two shades Light and Nude but it is one I would recommend to try if you have a similar skin colour to myself. It has a sponge applicator built in and I use this to draw a triangle then use a dry blending sponge to well blend it in.

 Powder – L’Oréal BB Nude Magique

I have been using this consistently since October and I'm not a huge fan of it. It's not a bad product by any stretch of the imagination. There just isn't that much about it. It's not that I dislike it but I don't feel that it does all that much for me. 

Bronzer – Milani Hermosa Rose illuminating face powder

This is my lazy girl’s ideal product as it is essentially bronzer, blusher and highlighter all in one and I don’t have to carry multiple products with me. This might be one of the most beautiful looking products I own or it was when it was new. It almost makes me sad that all the flowers have almost rubbed out. 

Eye Products

Eye Shadow - Maybelline Colour Tatto in 91 Cremé Du Rose

This makes a great base before adding eye shadow, I find it helps keep my shadow on longer. 

I have been using it as an eyeshadow and I like how it looks by itself. It also means I feel like I've made more of an effort than I have. 

Mascara - Bare Minerals, Lash Domination

This was one of my Love Me Beauty picks, a couple of months ago and I'm really glad I picked this up. The tube is very small, but the brush is full sized. I was very surprised the first time I opened the tube as on first look, it didn't look like the brush came from the same tube. 

The twisted shape of the brush worked well to apply the product and it lasted really well but wasn't difficult to remove. (I use an oil based / duo-phase eye makeup remover) 

My only negative for this sample is the size of the handle made it hard to hold and I did drop it a couple of times. This wouldn't be an issue with the full size and I am very tempted to get a full-size product. 

Eyebrow Pencil - NXY Micro Brow Pencil

My all time favourite brow product and I have used a few over the years. The pencil is very thin (Micro you might say) and because of this, it is very easy to get a natural looking brow. The pencil also comes with a spooly on the opposite end which makes it a handy product for on the go makeup application. 


Collection Extreme Pen Eyeliner

I have struggled over the years to apply liquid eyeliner and I find this pen is easy to work with and it lasts well on me. 

Kiko Gel Eyeliner Pencil

This is a fairly new product to me and I like it but I find it can be messy to apply (That may just be me) and I feel like I need to take my time but it does have the smudger which comes in handy. 

Seventeen Kohl Pencil

I like the Kohl type pencils the best and as eye pencils go, this works well for me. It's a good affordable option if you're looking for a drug store black eyeliner. 

Lip Products

Lipstick - Revlon Lip Butter, Candy Apple

I only picked out one lip product to use this time as I'm trying to pan this lipstick before the end of March. Sadly I've developed a cold sore and I haven't been able to use it. 

This is a beautiful lipstick, it has a light formula but I find I can build the colour up into a more opaque look if I want to. 

I love knowing what products people enjoy using. Do we have any of the same products or what do you think of the products I've picked out to use? 

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  1. Love the red lippy - and great pictures here hun!

    C xx

  2. i think mine changes regular but i do need to update it x

  3. Some lovely looking products here I'll definitely have to try out the concealer

  4. I love that tattoo eyeshadow and I've been trying out the collection foundation too, for the price it's pretty good x

  5. Would love to have seen the makeup bag as always like changing them up. I have recently started using Benefit eyebrow products, and notice difference of good product. This sounds like one worth trying too! x

  6. So nice collection, i love the lipstick color and eye liner. I will definitely buy this lipstick, one of my favorite color.

  7. Love looking at the different products other people use :) great photos!

  8. I have the same Milani illuminating powder and love it x

  9. In my makeup bag i put my concealer, powder and lipstick. Don't carry a lot of makeup around with me x

  10. A lipstick and brow liners are the most important for me. The rest will f

  11. I love looking at what's in peoples bags and makeup bags!

  12. I have the lasting perfections found dation and I quite like it. I finally found a foundation which matches my skin colour at a great price too.

    I used to have a login my makeup bag but these days I'm lucky to even get foundation and mascara on

  13. Milani Hermosa Rose illuminating face powder looks just so pretty and I love seeing what is in peoples makeup bag x

  14. I can't live without eyeliner, so love your collection of eyeliners! :)

  15. You have a better make up bag than mine - mine needs some serious filling

  16. That rose illuminating powder is gorgeous, I have it in my collection too and it looks beautiful x


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